HR Technology - Research Notes

Plan for HR Shared Services Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to make the case to your executives for developing an HR shared services model.

McLean Academy: Learning Snapshot – Foundations in Analysis

When harnessed correctly, data has the potential to drive decision making, impact strategy formulation, and improve organizational performance. However, without proper...

Internal Talent Marketplace Buyer's Guide

Prepare to select a talent marketplace platform that fits your organization’s talent needs.

McLean Academy: Learning Snapshot – Five Common Options to Adapt, Optimize, or Improve HR Technology

HR technology plays a key role in maintaining an efficient and accurate HR system in any organization. Explore the five common options to adapt, optimize, or improve HR...

Preparing for an Internal Talent Marketplace: Change Management

Learn more about the change and communication required to support the implementation and sustainment of a talent marketplace. 

Preparing for an Internal Talent Marketplace: Technology Enablement

Learn more about common platform types, operational and resource considerations, and risks associated with AI-enabled technology.

Preparing for an Internal Talent Marketplace: Design Considerations

Learn more about key decision points that organizations make when designing a talent marketplace to fit their purpose and meet their needs.

Preparing for an Internal Talent Marketplace: Topic Overview

Learn more about internal talent marketplaces, their benefits and risks, and the conditions that set organizations up for success.

Case Studies: Preparing for an Internal Talent Marketplace

Refer to these case studies for examples of how other organizations have implemented an internal talent marketplace.

Discover and Classify Your Data – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why data classification is an initiative for the entire organization and how this blueprint can help simplify the process.
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