HR Strategy - Tools & Templates

LMS Download: An Introduction to Data Literacy

This interactive eLearning module is the first in a series of three modules that target core principles of Data Literacy for HR Professionals. It is intended to interact...

HR Functional Capability Framework

Use this framework to find definitions of each HR function's capability.

Employee Resilience Workbook

Use this workbook to capture insights, themes and needs from data analysis and document the resilience techniques selected for implementation in the organization.

Employee Resilience Questions

Use this template for recommended questions to use in a resilience behaviors questionnaire.

HR Resilience Interview Guide

Use this guide to conduct one-on-one interviews with HR practitioners and uncover how resilience needs differ for HR.

Talent Implications Checklist

Use this checklist to help identify talent implications from your organization's strategy that will inform HR strategy and priorities.

Knowledge Transfer Risk Assessment Tool

The Knowledge Transfer Risk Assessment Tool is used to identify the risk profile of knowledge sources and the knowledge they have.

Ten Ways to Connect With Your Employees During a Crisis

Use this guide to discover best practices to keep in contact with employees, teams, and the entire organization during a crisis.

HR Structure Catalog

This guide will help identify possible options for restructuring an HR department.

M&A High-Level Culture Assessment Tool

Use this tool to assess various aspects of your organization's culture as well as the acquired or target organization's culture.
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