Culture - Tools & Templates

Psychological Safety: Communication Tip Sheet for People Leaders

Use this tip sheet to provide leaders with tools for communicating with employees to help build psychological safety.

Psychological Safety at Work Infographic

Use this infographic to increase awareness and promote psychologically safe practices at work.

Employee Engagement Trends – Research in Practice

Employee engagement case studies and success stories from McLean & Company members from 2021 to 2022.

Workplace Wellbeing Survey Question List

Use the sample survey questions to design an in-house survey to gather the employee perspective on wellbeing and burnout.

3i Leadership Self-Assessment

This template allows people managers and senior leaders to better understand their application of the 3i model: inform, interact, and involve.

Leadership Driver: Sample Email Communication Template

Customize this template to create an invitation to the senior leadership engagement strategy group meeting.

Leadership Driver: Executive Pre-Work Template

Customize this template for senior leaders to review and prepare for the senior leadership engagement strategy group discussion.

Leadership Driver: Presentation Template

Tailor this template to present the four key strategies for improving employee engagement to senior leaders during the senior leadership engagement strategy group meeting.

Leadership Driver: Interpretation Worksheet and Action Plan

Use this template in conjunction with McLean & Company's Employee Engagement survey to help your senior leaders interpret their manager scorecard results.

Leadership Driver: HR One-on-One Discussion Guide

Use this template as a guide for HR practitioners conducting one-on-one sessions with senior leaders.
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