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We just completed our EVP workshop, so this course was highly valuable for me to know how best to proceed as we partner with our internal key stakeholders to make this truly effective for our organization. Thank you McLean for always providing such amazing and useful research!

Pamela S.

Master Social Media, Talent Acquisition

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This course and the accompanying workbook will be extremely helpful in my tasks that have been set upon me this year. I feel like I now have a framework to use instead of making things up as I go along. Thank you!

April K.

Digital HR Strategy, HR Technology & Analytics

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This was my first course. The ideas were clearly explained and the resources are a great way to lift and shift the learning into my organization.

Yvonne J., Healthcare Services

Articulate and Foster Organizational Culture, Culture

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I like the breakdown of information - it was easy to digest and made a lot of sense. The shorter micro learnings (around 7 minutes) were great to avoid information overload. This is a great reference to share with key stakeholders so they see our recommendations are widely used HR best practices infused with our ideas specific to our culture and values, not concepts we come up with willy-nilly.

Judith G., Legal

Performance Management, Talent Management

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Lots of great and useful information. Sessions are not too long, and just enough that you don't feel overwhelmed with information.

Valerie S., Gaming, Hospitality, Resorts & Casinos

Data-Driven HR, HR Technology & Analytics

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This was a great breakdown of developing onboarding programs within an organization and the step to take. Very easy to follow.

Meghann G., Professional Assoc. & Not-for-Profit

Onboarding, Learning & Development