Strategically Source Candidates for the New World

How to find top talent has changed, but it’s still about quality of hire.

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Firms who fail to adapt to the new recruiting environment risk:

  • Having difficulty filling positions.
  • Not meeting the surging demand for top talent.
  • Being unable to compete and meet client needs.

Firms who adapt to the new recruiting environment through strategic sourcing:

  • Meet challenges to talent scarcity through more opportunities to reach high-quality candidates.
  • Fill critical positions to ensure the organization remains competitive.
  • Put the right investment into the people, processes, and technology that will attract top talent.

Module 1: Make the case for strategic sourcing

The Purpose

  • Finding top talent for critical positions is more challenging, which is having an impact on business. Firms have the opportunity to reach for strategic sourcing as a solution, but only if they make the right investment.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Build a case for project support.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Understand the benefits of strategic sourcing
  • Make the case for building a talent pipeline

Module 2: Assess the current state of your strategic sourcing function

The Purpose

  • Building a robust sourcing channel requires significant changes in the people, processes, and technologies involved in talent acquisition at your organization. Benchmark against the goals of the program to track the tangible business value of the project, and focus your investment where it will have the most impact.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Strategic Sourcing Diagnostic Tool

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Program goals from module 1
  • Set a point of reference to measure the value of strategic sourcing
2.2 Success metrics
  • Assess the gap between the effectiveness and impact of strategic sourcing components

Module 3: Design a strategic sourcing process to reach out to passive candidates

The Purpose

  • Don’t expect your talent acquisition team to do both strategic and tactical sourcing. The path of least resistance leads to posting jobs to boards and hoping for the right candidates to find you. Structure your organization to make strategic sourcing possible and attract the best.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Talent Profile Template

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Goals and metrics from module 2
  • Build an organization that enables a robust talent pipeline

Module 4: Take advantage of strategic sourcing tools

The Purpose

  • Talent acquisition specialists sourcing strategically are only as good as their tools and technologies. Use recruiting technology effectively to attract the best candidates.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Tools and technology best practices

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Exercise: Boolean search
4.2 Exercise: Advanced Google search
  • Train a talent acquisition team with the technical skills to source strategically

Module 5: Get the right people involved to implement your plan

The Purpose

  • Recruiters sourcing strategically need a different set of technical and recruiting skills than those sourcing tactically.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Train a talent acquisition team to reach out persuasively.

Activities: Outputs:
5.1 Training exercises to hone the sourcing skills of your talent acquisition team
  • Outputs from modules 2 and 3

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