Onboard New Hires for Ramp-up & Retention

Commit to onboarding to drive performance and reduce turnover.

Onsite Workshop

An incomplete onboarding program causes:

  • Slow time to productivity.
  • Manager and new-hire frustration.
  • Higher occurrence of new hire errors.
  • Higher turnover within an employee’s first six months.

An effective six-month onboarding program causes:

  • Faster time to productivity.
  • New hire buy-in to the organization.
  • Better integration into the organizational culture.
  • Increased engagement and morale.
  • Decreased turnover, which means saved costs.

Module 1: Workshop Preparation

The Purpose

  • To collect data.
  • To determine stakeholders to be involved in workshop.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Data is holistic and well-understood, and comes from multiple sources.
  • The correct stakeholders are identified and are free to participate in the workshop.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Collect data from relevant sources.
  • Data points.
1.2 Identify key stakeholders and ask for their participation.
  • Stakeholder group.

Module 2: Make the Case for an Onboarding Program and Assess Adminstrative Requirements

The Purpose

  • To understand the rationale for, and benefits of, a longer onboarding process.
  • To be aware of your current onboarding program’s gaps.
  • To begin planning out the administrative requirements associated with onboarding.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Ability to get buy-in from stakeholders is gained.
  • Gaps identified so that improvement is possible and accurately defined.
  • Accountability and onboarding tasks are identified.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Make the case.
  • Statistics and research that support onboarding rationale.
2.2 List current onboarding activities.
  • Catalogue of current onboarding initiatives.
2.3 Analyze data to assess current program.
  • Insight into onboarding gaps and strengths.
2.4 Learn about administrative components of onboarding.
  • Understanding of administrative requirements.
2.5 Brainstorm administrative tasks.
  • Develop list of required administrative tasks.
2.6 Use RACI chart to assign accountability
  • Accountability assigned and understood.

Module 3: Plan the Orientation Program and Create Training for Quick Ramp-Up Time

The Purpose

  • To determine how success of project will be measured.
  • To plan the orientation program.
  • To plan training initiatives.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Program becomes measurable and thereby easier to assess ROI.
  • Orientation program is fully developed.
  • Training programs are fully developed.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Select project metrics.
  • Goals are set and definition for success is created.
3.2 Plan orientation activities.
  • Orientation program developed.
3.3 Brainstorm orientation blockers.
  • List of potential blockers and solutions.
3.4 Map out orientation schedule.
  • Orientation schedule.
3.5 Review training best practices.
  • Training best practices understood.
3.6 Create a training timeline for new hires.
  • Training timeline established and agreed upon by stakeholders.
3.7 Start, stop, continue, to improve new hire training.

Module 4: Address Performance Management Needs

The Purpose

  • To understand new-hire performance management needs.
  • To create the new-hire timeline to begin setting organization-wide performance expectations.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Performance management expectations understood.
  • Shared understanding of new hire needs and onboarding expectations.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Discuss the role of performance management in onboarding.
  • Performance management expectations understood for new hires.
4.2 Review performance management at your organization.
  • Performance management processes re-designed to suit new hire needs.
4.3 Draft new hire timeline.
  • Shared expectations established, timeline designed.

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