Neuroscience and HR

Build evidence-based HR practices that work with the brain, not against it, to gain credibility with stakeholders and drive business results.

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If HR doesn't align its practices with insights from neuroscience, the organization will:

  • Suffer from low employee performance due to lack of understanding of what triggers threat responses.
  • Fail to positively affect engagement due to lack of understanding of how the brain generates reward responses.
  • Not view HR as a strategic partner that can provide new insights on current practices.

Linking neuroscience insights with HR practices leads to many organizational benefits, such as:

  • Understanding how to counteract the negative effects of some common business practices that can elicit threat responses from employees.
  • Increasing learning retention, productivity, innovation, and engagement.
  • Designing effective HR practices within the organization, thereby gaining credibility and influence with stakeholders.

Module 1: Adopt Brain-Friendly Business Practices by Linking Neuroscience and HR

The Purpose

  • Incorporate neuroscience to build evidence-based HR practices.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Increased employee engagement through positive social workplace interactions.
  • Understanding of how social threats work and how to counter them.
  • Increased organizational innovation and improved learning outcomes.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Design neuro-friendly HR practices in four key areas: performance management, learning & development, workplace culture, and change management.
  • Increased performance and productivity in four areas

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