Integrated Leadership

Build personal and organizational leadership capability, reduce failure, and harness influence to thrive in today’s VUCA world.

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Leaders are failing at alarming rates. This failure is caused by:

  • Poor decision making.
  • Inability to develop followers.
  • Inadequate responsiveness impeding ability to adapt.

By adopting an integrated approach to leadership, leaders can:

  • Prepare to lead by pausing, planning, and learning to learn.
  • Creating space for others to lead by distributing leadership opportunities and creating meaningful, valuable connections among their network.
  • Leading an environment where influence trumps authority to allow an integrated approach to leadership to flourish.

Module 1: Adopt McLean & Company’s Integrated Leadership Paradigm

The Purpose

Discuss the challenges of leadership in today’s environment, review common obstacles, and discuss how to adopt five key elements to lead effectively.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Lead effectively in a VUCA world.
  • Prepare to lead by overcoming our inherent bias to action, pausing, planning, and continually learning.
  • Create space for others to lead by distributing leadership opportunities and activating networks.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Review five elements of integrated leadership.
  • Understand how to apply an integrated approach to leadership in the organization.

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