Improve the Candidate Experience to Get Better Talent in the Door Faster

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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Without improving the candidate experience:

  • The organization will lose out on top talent.
  • You may lose candidates as customers and create a negative organizational reputation.
  • Candidates may tell their inner circle not to apply or purchase from the organization.

By creating a focus on the candidate experience:

  • The organization shows candidates respect.
  • Candidates will relay their positive experiences to others.
  • The organization will attract top talent and create higher engagement in new hires.

Module 1: Assess Current State and Establish Project Goals

The Purpose

  • Assess the organization’s current state for candidate experience.
  • Set baseline metrics to compare new initiatives to.
  • Establish goals to strengthen the candidate experience. 

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Gained understanding of where the organization is currently.
  • Established where the organization would like to be and goals to achieve the new state.
  • Set metrics to compare the organization’s initiatives.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Establish high-level objectives.
  • High-level objectives are set.
1.2 Assess the applicant tracking system (ATS), career site, and team structure.
  • Assessment of ATS, career site, and team structure is determined.
1.3 Select metrics and assess the current state.
  • Specific metrics are established, benchmark metrics are documented, and the current state of the candidate experience is assessed.

Module 2: Determine Activities Based on the Results of the Candidate Experience Assessment Tool

The Purpose

  • Determine which segments of the candidate experience need improvement.
  • Set expectations with hiring managers and talent acquisition specialists through a service-level agreement. 

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Segments with pain points have been identified and an action plan has been created for improvement.
  • Service-level agreement was completed and expectations have been collaboratively set.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Activities will vary per organization based on the segments of the candidate experience that require improvements.
  • Action plan created for candidate experience segments.
2.2 Establish a candidate experience service-level agreement.
  • Completion of the candidate experience service-level agreement.

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