Design In-House Assessments That Improve Hiring Success

Go beyond the interview to better assess for competencies specific to the organization’s culture and unique needs.

Onsite Workshop

Poorly designed assessments often result in:

  • Inaccurate evaluation of the role or competencies required to fulfill it
  • Negative impacts on the candidate experience
  • Unintended biases and a lack of diverse hires

Competency based in-house assessments offer:

  • Lower costs
  • Alignment with the organization
  • Realistic expectations of the role

Module 1: Determine Priority Areas

The Purpose

  • Identify priority roles and competencies.
  • Select an assessment method.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Priority roles and competencies selected
  • Assessment method chosen

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Confirm focus competency or role.
  • Focus competency or role confirmed
1.2 Determine pain points in current assessment process.
  • Pain points determined
1.3 Set goals and metrics for the assessment.
  • Goals and metrics set
1.4 Determine the required proficiency for the competency or role.
  • Proficiency determined
1.5 Choose the method you will be using for your assessment.
  • Method selected

Module 2: Design Your In-House Assessments

The Purpose

  • Develop the assessment and scoring rubric.
  • Test the assessment design’s validity and mitigate bias.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Assessment and scoring rubric established
  • Assessment evaluated with a sample group

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Develop the assessment based on your chosen method.
  • Assessment designed based on method
2.2 Develop the scoring rubric.
  • Scoring rubric created
2.3 Determine resourced required.
  • Required resources identified
2.4 Map accountabilities.
  • Accountabilities mapped
2.5 Evaluate the assessment design for validity and bias.
  • Assessment design validated
2.6 Prepare to test the design on sample group.
  • Test design prepared

Module 3: Create an Action Plan for Implementation

The Purpose

  • Determine an action plan to integrate the assessment into the TA process.
  • Outline guidelines for running the assessment.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Plan to launch the assessment detailed
  • Guidelines for administrating the assessment set

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Outline project milestones and key actions.
  • Key actions outlined
3.2 Develop your communication plan.
  • Communication plan mapped out
3.3 Draft assessor guidelines.
  • Assessor guidelines created
3.4 Determine feedback and metrics review.
  • Feedback and metrics review determined

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