Tools & Templates

HR Information System Project Metric Tracking Tool

Proper benefits tracking and monitoring plays a critical role in ensuring that expected benefits are realized after a project is implemented.

Span of Control Playbook

Use this tool to capture project decisions and data for this and all future iterations of your SoC optimization process.

Span of Control Launch Tool

Use this tool to support the roll out of your span of control initative across targeted team/functional areas.

Span of Control Assessment Tool

Use this tool to optimize the span of control (SoC) at a functional/team level by assessing various factors that impact SoC.

People Strategy Outline

Use this template as an outline to aid in preparing all aspects of your people strategy.

PESTLE Analysis Template

Use this template to conduct a PESTLE analysis to guide the assessment of your external environment.

People Strategy Development Workbook

Use this tool to help determine the steps needed to put your people strategy into action.

People Strategy SWOT Analysis Template

Use this template to learn about and conduct a SWOT analysis to aid in identifying the current state of your people strategy.

HR Departmental Gap Analysis Template

Use this template to assess the outcomes of your data gathering and completion of the People Strategy Development Workbook.

Negotiation Training Metric Comparison Tool

This tool will help you measure the success of your negotiation training.
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