Tools & Templates

High-Impact Leadership Styles Participant Handbook

The High-Impact Leadership Styles Participant Handbook is a takeaway and reference guide for managers to use when they need to review content from the training.

Strategic Workforce Planning Workbook

The Strategic Workforce Planning Workbook provide insight into the gaps that exist between your current workforce and the workforce you'll need in the future to meet...

Stakeholder Analysis Tool

The Stakeholder Analysis Tool will help you identify, analyze, and prioritize your stakeholders based on their level of influence, interest, and support.

HR Action and Communication Plan Tool

The HR Action and Communication Plan Tool will help you establish clear action steps for your top three to five HR priorities. Also use it to create a communication plan...

Stakeholder Relationships Interview Guide

The Stakeholder Relationships Interview Guide will help gather insights into the state of your stakeholder relationships by conducting interviews. Use this template only...

Dynamic Learning Mindset Project Inventory

Supporting a dynamic learning mindset requires careful planning. Use this template to consolidate all the information and activities required for your dynamic learning...

HR Information System Procurement Project Charter Template

A project charter serves several important functions. It organizes the selection and procurement project so that you can make efficient and effective resource allocation...

HR Information System Readiness Assessment Checklist

The Readiness Assessment Checklist is designed to ensure your organization has completed essential tasks prior to moving forward with the HRIS project and presenting the...

HR Information System Use-Case Fit Assessment Tool

Use this tool to help build an HRIS strategy for the organization based on the specific use case that matches your organizational needs.

HR Information System Business Requirements Template

Use this tool to collect HRIS requirements in alignment with the major functional areas identified in the HRIS Framework.
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