Tools & Templates

Training Deck for Managers: Modernize the Performance Appraisal

The manager training deck will equip managers with the knowledge and skills they need to help engage employees in the modern PA process.

Training Deck for Employees: Modernize the Performance Appraisal

The employee training deck will prepare employees for the modern PA framework by engaging them in exercises and activities to familiarize them with the process and their...

Inventory Documentation Tool

Use this template to organize and document the data gathered at various steps throughout the process.

Authority Matrix

The Authority Matrix template can be used by managers to provide basic guidelines around decision-making boundaries. It ensures employees understand what is in and what...

Management Course Calendar

A course calendar is an effective tool for listing and describing the elements in your management development program portfolio, which potential learners can then...

Onboarding Checklist for Managers

Use the Onboarding Checklist for Managers to ensure the department-specific activities and milestones for new hires are met throughout the onboarding experience.

Onboarding Feedback Form for Managers

Use McLean & Company's onboarding feedback form to collect managers' opinions regarding the optimized onboarding program and their own accountabilities as part of the new...

FTM Program Needs Analysis Tool

Use this tool to outline FTM expectations, analyze existing initiatives, and determine program needs.

FTM Learning Path Tool

Use this tool to determine FTM program delivery, initiatives, and timeline, and plan appropriate timing, duration, and relevance of development opportunities.

FTM Program Checklist – FTM

Use this checklist to capture FTM development tasks for FTMs.
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