Tools & Templates

Diversity and Inclusion Action Items

The tool will help you determine the action items that you can put in place to improve diversity and inclusion in your organization.

Diversity and Inclusion Metric Tracking Tool

This tool enables you to easily measure project success. Use it to document your goals and success metrics, track and measure your results at predetermined regular...

Employee Ambassador Project Charter Template

Use this template to determine organizational readiness for an employee ambassador program, conduct a social media audit, and establish employee ambassador program details.

Social Media Policy

Use this template to create a robust and comprehensive social media policy to protect your organization from liability and mitigate potential risks.

Employee Ambassador Guidelines

Use this template to establish content standards and communicate program details to employees.

HR Social Media Audit Template

Use this template to identify and document social media goals and objectives and audit current social media processes.

Social Media Metrics Tracking Tool

Use this tool to evaluate social media efforts and identify areas for improvement in posted content and across media channels by recording key metrics performance.

Editorial Calendar Template

Use this template to determine the type of content to be shared across social media platforms, assign content authors, and schedule content posts.

Internal Communications Plan

Use this tool to document how you plan to communicate the details of your leadership development program to all target audiences. This tool will help you organize the...

9-Box Talent Grid Assessment Tool

Managers will use the 9-Box Talent Grid Assessment Tool as a guide for evaluating employee talent and distinguishing talent profiles.
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