Tools & Templates

Screening Interview Template

Use this template to conduct telephone screening interviews and identify qualified candidates for in-person interviews.

Candidate Communication Template

Use this template as a script for different candidate communication scenarios.

Pre-interview Guide for Interviewers

The Pre-interview Guide for Interviewers template ensures interviewers are organized and conduct consistent interviews. It provides a checklist of key activities to...

Approval to Hire Template

It is important to obtain necessary approvals throughout all stages of the recruiting process, but most importantly, approvals must be obtained before an offer is...

Job Offer Letter Template

The job offer is a legally binding document. Don't make the mistake of leaving out important information when offering the job to the successful candidate. Use the Job...

Contract Template

The Contract Template provides a structure for developing a worker contract agreement. This is to be used like an offer letter, when hiring a contractor/consultant for a...

Job Family Summary Template

The Job Family Summary Template is used to capture job-related information for a group of related roles. This template is an alternative to individual job descriptions...

Acting Role Offer Letter Template

Use the Acting Role Offer Letter Template as an offer letter for employees moving into temporary "acting" or "interim" roles. This letter should be presented to the...

Letter of Agreement Template

In most cases, negotiating and signing a contract should precede the beginning of work. However, in some cases, the assignment is too small to warrant a full contract.

Sample Onboarding Checklist

Make sure onboarding tasks aren't forgotten by mandating the use of checklists for everyone involved in onboarding, from IT to the hiring manager.
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