Tools & Templates

Resource Planning Tool

The Resource Planning Tool will be used in many steps of creating your rapid growth talent acquisition strategy.

Hiring Toolkit

The Hiring Toolkit contains common interview questions for face to face interviews and is used to test candidates for various competencies and personality aspects.

Sample New Hire Onboarding Checklist

Use the Sample New Hire Onboarding Checklist to give new hires a concrete idea of what knowledge they should obtain, and what milestones they can expect throughout their...

Development Plan Template

Capturing development goals and recording progress, feedback, and coaching comments are all an essential part of the development planning process. It helps to keep...

Feedback Scenarios

Managers struggle with how to give feedback in a meaningful way that will inspire employees to grow. Use the Feedback model and scenarios to train and coach managers on...

KPI Tracking Tool

Use the KPI Tool to help you track the metrics for your onboarding program.

Collaboration Assessment Questionnaire

Administer this questionnaire to departments that have a clear issue with interdepartmental collaboration. If you would like to factor their opinions and experiences into...

Focus Group Collaboration Questionnaire

Evaluate the impact of the collaboration initiatives by directly asking employees in departments that are facing collaboration issues to share their experiences.

Training Logistics Budget Form

Use the Training Logistics Budget Form to help you plan out the who, what, where, and when for your upcoming training session.

Benchmark Comparison Tool

Use the Benchmark Comparison Tool to track changes in baseline metrics after the implementation of a project or initiative, within your department or organization.