Tools & Templates

Onboarding Checklist for Managers

Use the Onboarding Checklist for Managers to ensure the department-specific activities and milestones for new hires are met throughout the onboarding experience.

Onboarding Feedback Form for Managers

Use McLean & Company's onboarding feedback form to collect managers' opinions regarding the optimized onboarding program and their own accountabilities as part of the new...

EVP Statement Worksheet

In order to create a compelling EVP and employer brand, in addition to promoting recruitment and retention, it is critical to use data from multiple stakeholders in the...

EVP Interview Guide

EVP interviews are a useful way to gather employee sentiment in an efficient and direct manner to supplement the focus group and executive data.

EVP Scorecard

Before finalizing the EVP, it is important to validate your overarching statement with internal and external audiences to ensure the message meets the necessary criteria...

EVP Scorecard Handout

Obtaining feedback from internal audiences is imperative to ensure the final EVP resonates with current employees and differentiates the organization from competitors.

EVP Programs and Policies Assessment

In order to adopt the EVP internally, it is important that HR's policies and programs reinforce all aspects of the EVP. Review the areas of misalignment and draft a...

EVP and Employer Brand Promotion Plan

Promoting the EVP and employer brand using a tailored communication style for your desired audience is critical to creating a personal connection with the brand and a...

EVP Goal Setting Worksheet

Creating a strong EVP and employer brand requires multiple steps to ensure you capture an accurate reflection of the employee experience. It is critical to plan ahead to...

Communication Effectiveness Analysis Tool

This tool will provide a snapshot of the current level of manager communication effectiveness. This is not an assessment of each individual manager, but instead looks at...
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