Tools & Templates

Change Impact Assessment

Understanding the impact of change is a critical component of developing an action plan which incorporates the people effect of change. Ensure that your organization...

Change Management Competencies Assessment

Many organizations discount the value of change management competencies. Take the time to understand your organization's change management capability both pre- and...

Change Management Project Charter Template

A project charter outlines the intended direction of the project and subsequent change. Secondly, it ensures that all participants are aligned, and thirdly prevents scope...

Change Management Metric Tracking Tool

Track the appropriate metrics to understand the impact and progress of change. These metrics can be used to establish success and measure the benefits of change.

Change Management Action and Communication Plan

Change management requires detailed action and communication planning. For each deliverable and workstream in the change the necessary steps and corresponding...

Communication Medium Selection Guide

One of the keys to successful change is effective, and efficient communication. This guide provides a list of potential communication mediums, and a communication medium...

Change Management Post-Mortem Template

Often change is implemented and then forgotten. Take the time to document lessons learned to be applied to future changes. Record what was done well during the project,...

Job Descriptions Metric Tracking Tool

This tool enables you to easily measure project success. Use it to document your goals and success metrics, track and measure your results on a quarterly basis, and...

HR Capability Workbook

Assessing HR capabilities requires collecting multiple data points, and making a number of staffing decisions. Document these in the HR Capabilities Workbook to ensure...

HR Competencies Inventory Tool

The HR Competencies Inventory Tool allows you to easily document all competency information related to role requirements, as well as the current skills of your team.

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