Tools & Templates

STOP, START, CONTINUE Team Assessment Template

Gain insight on the current performance of your new team using the STOP, START, CONTINUE Team Assessment Template.

New Leader SWOT Analysis Template

New leaders must be aware of their business environment so they can begin thinking strategically about department plans. Use the New Leader SWOT Analysis Template to...

New Leader Business Strategy and Planning Template

Lay the foundation for your long-term plan by using the New Business Leader Strategy and Planning Template during your first 100 days.

New Leader Self-Assessment

Assess your strategic leadership competencies to find areas of strength and opportunity.

HR Budget Planning Tool

The HR Budget Planning Tool is designed to assist with budget allocation for both operational and projects.

HR Project Value Analysis Tool

This tool will estimate the cost of planned projects within the budget proposal. It provides and opportunity to evaluate the drivers effected by the project over a number...

Communication Planning Template

This template assists with documenting the communication plan for proposing your new budget.

Modern Performance Appraisal Effectiveness Scorecard

Use this Performance Appraisal Effectiveness Scorecard while implementing the Modern Performance Appraisal project to help you measure how effective your current...

Modern Performance Appraisal Check-in Meeting Guide

Use the Modern PA Check-in Meeting Guide as an easy to read reference document for managers and employees as they conduct their check-in meetings using the modern PA...

Modern Performance Appraisal Template

Have employees use the Modern PA Template to document the quarterly check-in meeting and year end review discussion covering expectations, goals, feedback and coaching,...

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