Tools & Templates

LinkedIn Benchmarking Tool

This tool will help users measure the impact of their use of LinkedIn. Use the tool to benchmark the performance of your talent acquisition function against industry...

Training Deck: Build an Optimal LinkedIn Profile

Use the LinkedIn Training Deck to help hiring managers understand the case for optimizing their LinkedIn presence, develop an all-star profile to improve their network...

Learning & Development Focus Group Guide

Seeking stakeholder input is crucial to the strategy creation process. Ensure that your learning and development strategy is aligned with organizational objectives and...

Learning & Development Strategy Template

This template allows you to document your Learning & Development strategy, and all of the elements that create it. By filling out this template, you can ensure that...

Learning & Development Strategy Metric Tracking Tool

Evaluating project success is essential to creating meaningful improvement over time. This tool allows you to establish baseline metrics and track them over time.

Anti-Corruption Policy Template

An Anti-Corruption Policy protects the organization against high risk, particularly if the business operates in foreign jurisdictions, interacts significantly with...

Non-Solicitation Policy Template

A Non-Solicitation Policy protects the organization by restricting individuals and other external organizations from soliciting employees, customers, or business...

Corporate Communications Policy Template

A Corporate Communications Policy seeks to promote a positive brand image, consistent with an organization’s business vision and mission. This document serves to define...

Workforce Analytics Prioritization Assessment Tool

The prioritization tool helps identify what type of data (internal or external, structured or unstructured) your organization is currently best able to analyze for insights.

Workforce Analytics Strategy Template

The strategy template is the comprehensive final project deliverable – it will contain outputs from each prior deliverable and activity. It can then be used to attain...

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