Tools & Templates

9-Box Talent Grid Assessment Tool

Use the 9-Box Talent Grid to successfully assess employee talent.

Training Deck for Managers: How to Use the 9-Box Talent Grid to Assess Your Employees

Use this Training Deck for Managers to inform managers of the upcoming change to the internal talent assessment process and provide them with practice to successfully...

Turn a Job Description into an Effective Job Posting

This guide is intended as a reference document for employees tasked with crafting job postings. It describes the difference between a job description and a job posting,...

Metric Tracking Tool

This tool enables you to easily measure project success. Use it to document your goals and success metrics, track and measure your results on a quarterly basis, and...

Stakeholder Analysis Tool

The Stakeholder Analysis Tool will help you identify, analyze, and prioritize your stakeholders based on their level of influence, interest, and support.

Stakeholder Profile Template

Use the Stakeholder Profile Template to create a stakeholder profile for each key stakeholder.

HR Action and Communication Plan Template

The Action and Communication Plan Template will help you establish clear action steps for your top three to five HR priorities. Also use it to create a communicate plan...

STOP, START, CONTINUE Team Assessment Template

Gain insight on the current performance of your new team using the STOP, START, CONTINUE Team Assessment Template.

New Leader SWOT Analysis Template

New leaders must be aware of their business environment so they can begin thinking strategically about department plans. Use the New Leader SWOT Analysis Template to...

New Leader Business Strategy and Planning Template

Lay the foundation for your long-term plan by using the New Business Leader Strategy and Planning Template during your first 100 days.

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