Tools & Templates

Leadership Brand Participant Handbook

The Participant Handbook will help training participants participate in activities and record notes during the leadership branding training.

Decision Making 360 Degree Review Form

The 360 degree review will give managers insight into their current strengths and weaknesses in decision making.

Decision Making Participant Handbook

The participant handbook will help training participants stay on track and record information and activities used in the decision-making training.

Strategic Sourcing Diagnostic Tool

The sourcing diagnostic tool benchmarks the current state of your sourcing function, assesses its maturity, and allows you to track its measured value against...

Talent Profile Template

The Talent Profile Template documents your progress as you design talent profiles. These essential components of your strategic sourcing function orient your pipeline to...

Internship Program Design Tool

Build your Internship Program through analysis around best practices. Build a work plan and track progress.

Employer Internship Program Template

The Employer Internship Program Template can keep all of the information concerning the program in one place. Use your own internal company policies and forms, or use the...

Core Competency Library

Develop Core Competencies.

Leadership Competency Library

Develop Leadership Competencies.

Human Resources Competency Library

Develop Functional HR Competencies.

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