Tools & Templates

Leadership Development Program Optimization Focus Group Guide

Gain qualitative feedback on the leadership development program by holding a focus group to solicit the participants' point of view.

Leadership Development Assessment Questionnaire

Distribute McLean & Company’s Leadership Development Assessment Questionnaire to key stakeholders to gain input for a 360-degree review of the program.

Leadership Development Assessment Tool

Use the Leadership Development Assessment Tool to help you understand the issues that are impacting the success of your leadership development program.

Leadership Development Strategy Template

Use McLean & Company’s Leadership Development Strategy Template to assist you in creating a leadership development program that is optimized to address and deliver on...

Individual Development Plan Template

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a document created for the purpose of growing and learning as a leader. When goals are formally documented, it creates...

Leadership Development ROI Analysis Tool

The ROI Analysis Tool is designed to help you calculate the hard costs and benefits of your leadership development program. The results of a comprehensive financial...

Job Rotation Suitability Assessment

Use the Job Rotation Suitability Assessment Tool to understand whether or not your organization is ready to directly implement a job rotation program.

Job Rotation Tracking Tool

Use the Job Rotation Tracking Tool to manage your job rotation program from job selection to employee movement between rotations.

Job Rotation Interview Guide and Assessment Template

Use the Job Rotation Interview Guide to organize interview questions and their rating scales, take notes during the interview, and ensure all interviews for the job...

Job Rotation Plan Assignment Template

The Job Rotation Plan Assignment Template will help you outline the expectations for employees once they have been selected for a job rotation placement.

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