Tools & Templates

Personal Accountability Participant Handbook

This handbook presents trainees with vital information covered during the personal accountability training sessions.

Personal Accountability Team and Self-Assessment

Use this tool to determine the level of accountability of managers and their teams.

Blame vs. Accountability Hypothetical Scenarios – Facilitator Answer Key

Use this template as a resource to support the training facilitator in leading the group activity and discussion around blame and accountability.

Personal Accountability Quiz

Use this quiz to assess the comprehension of core content regarding personal accountability.

Personal Accountability Training Session Feedback Form

Use this evaluation form to gather participant feedback on training at the conclusion of the training session.

Engagement 3.0 Purpose & Goals Template

Use this template to document the purpose and goals of integrated leadership empowerment and employee engagement in your organization.

Integrated Leadership Empowerment Launch Deck

Use this deck to assess current engagement and understand how to move towards integrated leadership empowerment.

Engagement 3.0 Action Plan

Use this tool to develop a high-level implementation timeline for the transition to Integrated Leadership Empowerment.

Method Selection Tool

Use this tool to help you select the best-fit job evaluation method (ranking, classification, point factor) for your organization.

Job Worth Hierarchy Guide

Use this template to provide committee members and key stakeholders with information so they understand the process in an efficient manner.
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