Tools & Templates

Dynamic Learning Mindset Project Inventory

Fostering a dynamic learning mindset requires careful planning. Use this template to consolidate all information and activities required for your dynamic learning mindset...

Employee Dynamic Learning Mindset Assessment

This is a self-assessment for individuals to identify where their mindset lies on the spectrum of static to dynamic learning. Recommendations for improvement are provided...

Dynamic Learning Mindset Scan

Use the organizational DLM Scan to assess where the organization, HR, and employees as a whole lie on the mindset spectrum of static to dynamic learning.

Talent Retention Strategy Stakeholder Slides

Retention is often approached as an HR issue. Convince stakeholders that it must be a partnership between HR and the executive team and management.

Talent Retention Challenge Analysis

Use the Talent Retention Challenge Analysis tool to identify areas of unhealthy turnover and identify the most commonly cited reasons for leaving the organization.

Talent Retention Strategy Action Plan

Use the Talent Retention Strategy Action Plan to document prioritized retention tactics and develop a high-level action plan for the implementation of selected retention...

Stay Interview Guide

The Stay Interview Guide helps managers conduct conversations with employees to gain insights into the employees' level of engagement, satisfaction with job...

Training Deck for Managers: Implement Effective Employee Development Planning

Managers don’t see the value of development planning and therefore don’t make time for it, causing employees to feel underappreciated and disengaged. If managers do make...

Training Deck for Employees: Implement Effective Employee Development Planning

In McLean & Company’s engagement survey, only 50% of employees felt they were encouraged to pursue their career development. 33% of Gen X and Millennials surveyed rated...

Mentorship Tip Sheet

Mentorship is an effective employee development method. Engaging in a mentoring relationship creates value for all parties involved.

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