Tools & Templates

Communication Effectiveness Analysis Tool

This tool will provide a snapshot of the current level of manager communication effectiveness. This is not an assessment of each individual manager, but instead looks at...

Training Deck: Train Managers to Communicate Effectively across Channels, Cultures, Continents, and Generations

Train your managers to become effective communicators to improve clarity of communication, productivity, and engagement. Customize this training deck based on activities...

Effective Manager Communication Participant Handbook

Effective communication is integral to organizational success. After training managers, provide them with a detailed handbook outlining the content covered in the...

Effective Manager Communication Training Session Feedback

A key component of communication is asking for and accepting feedback. Ask managers for their perceptions of the training and incorporate their feedback into and...

Effective Manager Communication Quiz

It is important to not only provide training but also to evaluate its effectiveness. This quiz briefly assesses the knowledge of participants and illustrates what they...

Training Evaluation: Strengthen Manager Relationships

Assessing and analyzing participant feedback is critical to determine how a training session was received by learners and which areas require improvement.

Mentoring Program Diagnostic

The Mentoring Program Diagnostic tool helps you to determine your organization's dominant culture (Competitive, Innovative, Cooperative, or Traditional), and then assess...

Optimize the Employee Wellbeing Program Executive Briefing

​This executive briefing consists of a high-level overview of the importance of employee wellbeing. It should be used to solicit leadership support and buy-in.

Manage C-Suite Conflict and Increase Collaboration Executive Briefing

​This executive briefing consists of a high-level overview of the importance of managing C-suite conflict and increasing collaboration.

HR Stakeholder Profile Template

Before reaching out to the C-suite, refresh your understanding of their interactions, power dynamics, and the relationship you have with each of them.
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