Tools & Templates

Diversity and Inclusion Gap Analysis Template

Use the Diversity and Inclusion Gap Analysis Template to assess the outcomes of your data gathering and completion of the Diversity and Inclusion Diagnostic.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Template

Use this template to document your diversity and inclusion strategy. Having a documented strategy will help ensure that your diversity and inclusiong initiatives are well...

Diversity and Inclusion Diagnostic

Use the Diversity and Inclusion Diagnostic to understand the issues that are impacting your organization's inclusivity. This tool will help you identify areas to focus on...

Diversity and Inclusion Action Items

The tool will help you determine the action items that you can put in place to improve diversity and inclusion in your organization.

Diversity and Inclusion Metric Tracking Tool

This tool enables you to easily measure project success. Use it to document your goals and success metrics, track and measure your results at predetermined regular...

Internal Talent Mobility Playbook

Use this tool to assist in the development of your internal talent mobility program by documenting the output and outcomes of each pivotal activity throughout the process.

Internal Talent Mobility Program Document

Use this template to roll out the ITM program in your organization by communicating the company commitment and all relevant company policies.

HRIS Strategy Project Charter Template

A project charter defines the project and lays the foundation for all subsequent project planning. It is a critical communication tool for the project purpose, scope, and...

HRIS Readiness Assessment Checklist Template

The Readiness Assessment Checklist ensures your organization has completed essential tasks prior to moving forward with the HRIS project and presenting the final deliverable.

HRIS Strategy Stakeholder Interview Guide Template

Use this template to guide structured stakeholder interviews and extract the right information to formulate an HRIS strategy.
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