Tools & Templates

Flexible Succession Plan Key Foundational Practices Guide

This template is intended to help identify key practices that are required for flexible succession planning. It describes what each of the key practices are, what...

Flexible Succession Plan Committee Charter

Use this template to document how the committee developed to manage the flexible succession plan will govern themselves and operate.

Flexible Succession Plan Tracking Tool

This tool will help you document and track the components of your flexible succession planning, including key gaps, talent pools, employees, and their development.

Flexible Succession Plan Policy

Use this template to document your flexible succession planning process to create a single point of information on how the plan was developed and will be maintained.

Design a Pre-Hire Test: Case Study Template

This template will help you design a case study for candidate pre-hire testing.

Design a Pre-Hire Test Workbook

This tool will help you organize the information required to design or select a pre-hire test that best suits the job role/group that you want to evaluate.

Onboard New Hires Metric Tracking Tool

Evaluating project success is essential to creating meaningful improvement over time. This tool allows you to establish baseline metrics and track them over time.

Team Dynamics Workbook

This template will guide team leaders through the four phases of the team lifecycle. Training participants will use it to complete exercises from the Manager Training...

Team Charter Template

This template should be used to create a charter for your team. The charter formally outlines details including the team’s objectives, team membership, team ground rules,...

Participant Program Evaluation Template

At the conclusion of any formal leadership development training session, distribute this evaluate sheet to gather participant feedback on the training.

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