Tools & Templates

Modern Performance Management Worksheet

Use this tool to work through elements that will inform your modern performance management framework.

Calibration Job Aid

Use this template to further understand how to structure calibration meetings and avoid biases.

Modern PM Feedback and Coaching Guide

Use this guide to help managers provide practical two-way feedback and effective coaching for employees.

Goal Management Job Aid

Use this job aid for further understanding of McLean & Company's goal management model for meaningful performance management goal setting.

Training Deck: Modernize Performance Management

Use this training deck to introduce managers to the modern performance management framework.

Post-Hire Survey – Hiring Manager

Use the Post-Hire Survey – Hiring Manager to gather feedback from hiring managers to help assess the talent acquisition process.

Team Effectiveness Questionnaire

Use this briefing to make the case to your executives to improve team effectiveness for organizational benefit.

Team Effectiveness Assessment Tool

Use this tool to quickly identify focus areas for team improvement.

Improve Team Effectiveness Facilitation Guide

Use this template to debrief teams on team effectiveness assessment results and begin action planning for improvement.

Improve Team Effectiveness Action Plan

Use this tool to outline the necessary steps to achieve effective team performance.
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