Storyboard: Onboard New Hires for Ramp-up & Retention

Onboarding should transition a new hire to become a fully engaged and productive team member. Include a memorable welcome, a comprehensive introduction to the organization, thorough training on the key accountabilities of the role, and ongoing support for competency development. 

This storyboard will:

  • Provide a walkthrough of the administrative side of onboarding.
  • Provide tips & tricks for a well-organized and memorable orientation.
  • Outline job training requirements.
  • Outline the basics of early performance management.

Onboarding requires careful planning, execution, and ongoing attention. Use this storyboard to develop an onboarding program that both engages new hires and readies them for the challenges ahead.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Make the case for onboarding to drive performance and reduce turnover
  2. Create a memorable welcome
  3. Orient new employees
  4. Design training according to digestibility
  5. Solicit feedback on the new hire experience

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