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Develop a Comprehensive Competency Framework

Competency frameworks are a springboard for improving the functional and strategic nature of HR as they provide a central point of reference for all HR functions and...

Storyboard: Develop a Comprehensive Competency Framework

Competency frameworks are vital talent management tools. They are the foundation of many key Hr functions, from recruiting to succession planning. Developing an effective...

Comprehensive Competency Library

Use this tool to develop a comprehensive competency framework for you employees, which includes core competencies, technical competencies and leadership competencies.

Core Competency Library

Develop Core Competencies.

Leadership Competency Library

Develop Leadership Competencies.

Human Resources Competency Library

Develop Functional HR Competencies.

IT Competency Library

Develop Functional IT competencies.

Sales Competency Library

Develop Functional Sales Competencies.

Marketing Competency Library

Develop Functional Marketing Competencies.

Finance and Accounting Competency Library

Develop Functional Finance and Accounting Competencies.

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