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Onboard New Hires for Ramp-up & Retention

Too many new hires end their first few days in a new job disoriented and disillusioned. A positive onboarding experience lays the foundation for faster ramp-up and...

Understand Top HR Trends and Priorities for 2014

Use McLean & Company’s HR trends and priorities research to inform your 2014 HR strategic plan.

HR Trends and Priorities 2014 – Talent Management

Each year, McLean & Company surveys HR and business professionals to reveal top HR priorities and emerging HR trends. Our capstone HR Trends & Priorities for 2014 report...

Drive a Robust Systems Strategy to Achieve HR Objectives and Enable the Business

Evaluate your HR systems holistically to gain a strategic perspective and develop the appropriate functionality for your business needs.

HR System Strategy RACI Chart

The RACI chart assists you in organizing roles for carrying out project steps and ensures there are definite roles that different individuals in the organization must...

HR System Health Assessment Tool

This tool will help you build requirements, assess gaps, and rate functional and integration quality of your HR systems.

HR Technology Roadmap Tool

This tool will help key stakeholders visualize the implementation of HR Tech initiatives on an easy-to-read timeline. Beyond serving as a mechanism for communication,...

Refine the HR Organizational Structure and Optimize Department Efficiency

A poor, unplanned department structure means that your HR team’s efforts and roles are not strategic, or as efficient as they could be. Redesign your structure by...

Storyboard: Refine the HR Organizational Structure and Optimize Department Efficiency

Use this toolkit to guide your HR department redesign process and ensure that your new structure will deliver on business needs and goals.

HR Department Redesign Tool

Use the HR Department Redesign Tool to document the feedback from your business interviews, assess your current and future organizational design principles, and review...