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Implement Performance Improvement Plans

Managers dread implementing a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) because they think it's a waste of time. However, in a recent McLean & Company survey, 68% of employees...

Performance Improvement Plan Template

Use McLean & Company’s Performance Improvement Plan Template to organize the process, document the employees' action plan, and track their progress.

Performance Improvement Plan Benchmarking Tool

Use McLean & Company's Performance Improvement Plan Benchmarking Tool to track the measured value of the program and compare the cost of terminating poor performers to...

Build a Learning & Development Strategy

Organizations are shifting focus to a learning and development strategy to boost overall learning results for the company and to increase their competitive advantage in...

Create an Agile Succession Plan to Deal with Gaps Before They Happen

As an HR leader, I want to create a succession plan that makes us prepared for turnover. I want something that enables us to look at where we can move people in the short...

Optimize the Leadership Development Program

Organizations are spending money to build leadership development programs, but many are not achieving the desired outcomes. Use this blueprint to optimize your leadership...

Storyboard: Optimize the Leadership Development Program

Leadership development is expensive and its value is elusive – make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

Leadership Development Program Optimization Focus Group Guide

Gain qualitative feedback on the leadership development program by holding a focus group to solicit the participants' point of view.

Leadership Development Assessment Questionnaire

Distribute McLean & Company’s Leadership Development Assessment Questionnaire to key stakeholders to gain input for a 360-degree review of the program.

Leadership Development Assessment Tool

Use the Leadership Development Assessment Tool to help you understand the issues that are impacting the success of your leadership development program.

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