Leadership Development – What value are you really getting?

This webinar occured on March 6th 2014

About This Webinar

Many organizations have introduced leadership development programs, but they are not seeing the desired effect. The key problem is not that they have leadership issues. Rather, the problem is that they still have leadership issues after spending a lot of time and money developing a program. As a result, budgets are cut and HR struggles with delivering an effective program with less resources. Sound familiar?

During this Webinar our Analyst and Panelists discussed the challenges they are facing and shared their key insights. Attendees weighed-in on several key polls and were able to pose questions to the group.

At this Webinar we discussed such challenges as:

  • Why participant feedback suggests that leadership development programs have little impact; no value and that they have been trained on the wrong skill set,
  • Engagement scores of leaders are continuously low despite leadership training initiatives,
  • Commonly, leadership competency ratings are unchanged or declining on PAs,
  • Why leaders have high voluntary attrition rates and unfavorable exit surveys,
  • Persisting high volume of complaints to the HR department regarding leaders persist,

This is an On-Demand webinar:

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Featured Speaker

Margaret Braun
Senior Director, Member Experience
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