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Modal Scoring Tool

Modal scoring facilitates the scoring process when it involves a high number of evaluators. It allows for discussion about the final score and forces consensus...

IT Procurement Glossary

Use this glossary to identify and define terms that occur within procurement documents.

Mentoring Project Feedback Surveys Template

Use the Mentoring Project Feedback Surveys Template to evaluate the program and garner feedback from the program participants.

Improve Hiring Decision Success

A bad hire can cost organizations up to 15 times an employee's annual salary and can also lead to damaged employee morale, discontinuity in production, and a poor company...

Storyboard: Create & Deliver Performance Appraisal Feedback to Drive Results

This research will help managers provide context and insight, specific examples and prescriptive advice, and effectively follow-up on employee progress.

Performance Appraisal Scorecard

A review mechanism, such as this scorecard, can greatly improve a program by providing accountability for managers, quality assurance, developmental feedback for...

User Acceptance Testing Checklist

User acceptance testing is one of the final stages of the application lifecycle before deployment. Use this checklist to help control and manage the user acceptance...

RFP Response Evaluation Tool

The RFP Response Evaluation Tool provides a framework for grading proposals against appropriate selection criteria, and reaching a rational decision as to the best proposals.

Video Conferencing RFP Response Evaluation Tool

For organizations that have issued a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) to evaluate video conferencing vendors, gathering and scoring the various responses can be...

Annual Performance Review: Management by Objectives

Regular and formal performance reviews are critical to maintaining overall productivity of your staff. Every organization has a unique method of administering performance...

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