Respond Effectively to COVID-19

A lot is unknown about COVID-19, a strand of coronavirus. Prepare the organization for the potential risks and impact that this type of pandemic presents.

Onsite Workshop

Develop a pandemic response plan to:

  • Provide employees with a protocol to follow during this time.

Prepare for and navigate the impact of a pandemic to:

  • Address the risks and reassure employees that you are concerned with their wellbeing.

Module 1: Respond Effectively to COVID-19

The Purpose

Take action immediately with McLean & Company’s guidance on the key issues of communication, remote work, offboarding, change management, workplace resilience, business continuity planning, and crisis management.

Key Benefits Achieved

Develop a pandemic response plan as the situation evolves to prepare for the impact.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Use the insights from McLean & Company’s resources to develop a pandemic response plan.
  • A plan to address the impact of COVID-19 to your organization and employees' wellbeing.

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