Perform a Holistic Talent Acquisition Process Audit to Improve Hiring Outcomes

You can’t solve your talent acquisition problems with a piecemeal approach.

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Talent acquisition (TA) can be a huge challenge for organizations and the talent acquisition team:

  • Bad hires are costly in terms of time and money, and dealing with them is a headache.
  • Attracting and identifying good talent is a challenge.
  • Due to so many moving parts, it is hard to pinpoint the weaknesses in the talent acquisition process.

Performing a talent acquisition strategy audit will help you:

  • Gain perspective and insights through a holistic audit by gathering feedback from key stakeholder groups in the TA process.
  • Determine which components are top priority for optimization in the talent acquisition process.
  • Prioritize projects and then use recommended resources to complete those projects.

Module 1: Auditing the Talent Acquisition Process

The Purpose

  • Identify and prioritize target employee segments.
  • Begin to work through the McLean & Company Talent Acquisition Process Audit Tool.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Understanding of risks associated with not evaluating process.
  • Understanding of need to evaluate by employee segment.
  • Gain working knowledge of the process audit tool.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Make the case for auditing the talent acquisition process.
1.2 Complete the HR Management & Governance Diagnostic to gather the HR team’s perceptions of the TA function.
1.3 Identify and prioritize employee segments for the Talent Acquisition Audit.
  • Defined employee segments to focus on for the purpose of the Talent Acquisition Audit.
1.4 Customize Feedback Templates and gather stakeholder opinions.
1.5 Audit your employer branding practices to ensure your brand resonates with your TA process.
  • Audit of the employer brand and sourcing areas within the talent acquisition function.
1.6 Audit your sourcing methods and practices to ensure needs are met.

Module 2: Prioritize and Map Out Optimization Projects

The Purpose

  • Build a talent acquisition optimization action plan.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • An evidence-informed plan to increase the effectiveness of the talent acquisition processes.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Map out the process of each component of Assessment & Selection and Internal Talent Mobility practices to identify challenges.
  • Audit of the Assessment & Selection and Internal Talent Mobility areas within the talent acquisition function.
2.2 Evaluate overall TA audit results, pinpoint gaps, and prioritize actions to address the gaps based on McLean & Company’s recommendations.
2.3 Build an action plan to close any gaps. Generate solutions to challenges to completing the prioritized actions.
  • An action plan for each priority area identified through the Talent Acquisition Audit.

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