Optimize Your Span of Control

Optimize, not maximize, span of control as a key component of the restructuring process for increased cost containment, productivity, and people management capabilities.

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Without assessing span of control, the organization:

  • Decreases effectiveness through non-strategic allocation of direct reports.
  • Loses out on cost-saving opportunities.

When putting a focus on span of control, the organization:

  • Increases its ability to become agile in the face of rapid change.
  • Becomes strategic in aligning SoC with organizational goals.

Module 1: Determine Current SoC

The Purpose

  • Identify project objective.
  • Analyze organizational SoC data and identify insights, patterns, and pain points.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Project objectives understood and prepared.
  • SoC patterns documented; insights and pain points identified.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Establish and prioritize high-level project objectives.
  • Project objectives are prioritized.
1.2 Identify SoC patterns.
  • Pertinent data related to SoC patterns documented.
1.3 Extract insights and identify pain points from SoC data.
  • Insights and pain points identified and extracted.
1.4 Set benchmark metrics and baseline measurements.
  • Metrics are set.

Module 2: Assess Impacts on Current SoC

The Purpose

  • Assess and understand factors that impact SoC.
  • Brainstorm cost-saving methods.
  • Set high-level SoC parameters.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • SoC impacts on the organization are assessed.
  • Cost-saving methods are created and determined.
  • High-level SoC parameters are set.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Complete the organizational-level assessment.
  • Assessment of factors completed.
2.2 Brainstorm potential cost savings.
  • Cost-saving options generated.
2.3 Establish high-level SoC parameters to be mandated across all functional areas.
  • SoC parameters set.

Module 3: Prepare to Deploy Initiative

The Purpose

  • Determine project scope, timeline, and communication strategy.
  • Customize tools.
  • Prepare for project implementation.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Project scope and timeline finalized.
  • Communication strategy created.
  • Tools customized.
  • Implementation of project prepared.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Set project scope and corresponding timeline.
  • Project scope and timeline set.
3.2 Develop the SoC optimization process and customize the SoC Launch Tool to prepare for project implementation.
  • Optimization process determined and Launch Tool customized.
3.3 Create a communication strategy to roll out initiative.
  • Communication strategy determined.

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