Optimize the HR Department to Support the Organizational People Strategy

Enhance your HR departmental structure, process, technology, and capability to successfully execute high-value strategic initiatives.

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Without the right structure, processes and capabilities, HR departments:

  • Operate in a way that is disconnected from the organization.
  • Become trapped in administrative activities.
  • Are not able to support the people strategy and attain organizational goals.

An aligned and optimized HR department:

  • Matches the HR structure to that of the organization, is efficient in its transactional activities, and invests in HR capabilities.
  • Is better able to focus on high-impact and high-value strategic initiatives.
  • Supports the people strategy to achieve organizational goals.

Module 1: Assess the HR Department and Design Appropriate Structure

The Purpose

  • Identify HR departmental areas of improvement.
  • Design the HR structure that best suits the organization.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Areas of improvement identified.
  • Designed the HR structure that best meets organizational needs.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Identify people strategy and top-priority functions.
  • Identified the organizational people strategy and top-priority functions.
1.2 Analyze stakeholder management feedback and additional employee data.
  • Analyzed stakeholder management feedback and employee data.
1.3 Determine the path to optimization.
  • Determined the path to optimization.
1.4 Assess organizational structure.
  • Assessed organizational structure.
1.5 Design your HR structure.
  • Designed your HR structure.

Module 2: Refine HR Processes

The Purpose

  • Assess current HR efficiency.
  • Map out processes to improve HR efficiency and impact.
  • Clarify HR roles and responsibilities.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Mapped out processes that can help to improve HR efficiency and impact.
  • Clarified HR’s required skills and competencies.
  • Identified HR role duplications or gaps in responsibilities.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Sort strategic and transactional activities.
  • Sorted strategic and transactional activities.
2.2 Rate HR activity efficiency.
  • Rated HR activity efficiency.
2.3 Map out and improve current processes.
  • Mapped out how to improve current process.
2.4 Complete a strategic activity RACI matrix.
  • Completed a strategic activity RACI matrix.
2.5 Clarify roles and responsibilities within HR.
  • Clarified roles and responsibilities within HR.

Module 3: Plan and Manage for HR Change

The Purpose

  • Create an action plan.
  • Draft a communication plan.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Created an action plan and a communication plan.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Document and prioritize optimization activities.
  • Documented and prioritized optimization activities.
3.2 Complete a communications plan.
  • Completed drafting a communications plan.

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