HR Delivery Models of the Future

Understand what matters when redesigning HR.

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If HR’s delivery model is not the right fit, the organization risks:

  • Creating an operating model that impedes the organization’s competitive advantage.
  • Maintaining an HR model that doesn’t keep up with the constant state of change that is currently seen in two-thirds of today’s organizations.
  • Spending 60-70% of HR’s time and costs on transactional activities that hinder HR’s ability to be strategic.

If HR selects the right delivery model for the organization, benefits include:

  • A delivery model that enables HR to increase focus on, and align with, business needs.
  • A well-designed HR structure, which is the most important driver of overall HR effectiveness.
  • A delivery model that is agile enough to remain competitive in a VUCA environment.

Module 1: Design a Delivery Model that Fits with Organizational Goals and Strategy

The Purpose

  • Identify what the organization needs from HR and create an HR delivery model to support these organizational needs.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Understand how different types of delivery models can support different objectives.
  • Determine where HR can have the greatest impact to the organization strategy.
  • Create a model that delivers quality HR services and efficient day-to-day operations.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Design an HR delivery model that is aligned with the organization, has a clear purpose, increases agility, and ensures efficient delivery of services.
  • A supportive and efficient HR delivery model that establishes an essential component of the competitive advantage

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