Develop an Employee Ambassador Program

Harness the power of your employee voice on social media to reflect your most authentic organizational culture, build a strong employer brand, and attract top candidates.

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Not fully leveraging the employee voice on social media to effectively promote your employer brand will:

  • Leave organizations out of online conversations that are already happening – 50% of employees post messages, pictures, or videos about their employer on social media and 33% of them do so without any encouragement from their employer.
  • Limit organization’s reach – employees have 10x more social connections than a brand does and content shared by employees receives 8x more online engagement than content shared on corporate accounts.
  • Limit the effectiveness of the organization’s promotion of itself – word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing and socially engaged employees are 58% more likely to attract new talent than recruiters.

Promoting the employer brand with an employee ambassador program:

  • Provides organizations with valuable employee feedback, helping them address any gaps in their EVP.
  • Empowers employees and increases employee engagement – employees of socially engaged organizations are 27% more likely to feel optimistic about the future of their organization and are 20% more likely to stay with their organization.
  • Positively impacts the organization’s bottom line and socially engaged organizations decrease their cost per hire.

Module 1: Assess Your Current Social Media Landscape and Set Employee Ambassador Objectives

The Purpose

  • Understand how an employee ambassador program fits within your current social media landscape
  • Determine program objectives and set measures of success.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Program objectives clearly identified and understood.
  • Metrics to measure efforts.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Identify your target audience, their characteristics, and social media preferences.
  • Target audience outlined.
1.2 Assess your organization’s current social media landscape.
  • Social media audit completed.
1.3 Establish program objectives and set measures of success.
  • Employee ambassador program objectives and measures of success finalized.

Module 2: Build Your Employee Ambassador Program

The Purpose

  • To design and build an employee ambassador program specific to your organization.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Outlined details of the employee ambassador program.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Build your employee ambassador program.
  • Employee ambassador program plan
2.2 Determine your social media policy.
  • Social media policy
2.3 Create employee ambassador guidelines.
  • Employee ambassador guidelines
2.4 Develop a communication strategy.
  • Communication strategy

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