Develop a Talent Management Framework

Break down silos with an integrated talent management model.

Onsite Workshop

Organizations with a documented talent management strategy:

  • Report significantly lower performance than organizations with a documented TM strategy.
  • Underperform in overall performance, talent attraction, and talent retention than those with an effective TM strategy.
  • Fail to define intentional connections between talent programs, peripheral HR programs, and strategic objectives.

Purposeful talent management (TM) enables organizations to:

  • Move talent quickly to respond to strategic needs and observe higher performance.
  • Create a positive employee experience, career advancement, and skill development.
  • Leverage HR as a strategic partner and drive financial performance.

Module 1: Identify the TM Purpose

The Purpose

  • Review strategic documents to uncover TM needs.
  • Define the TM purpose.
  • Assess current TM programs.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Strategic documents reviewed to uncover TM needs.
  • TM purpose specified.
  • TM program effectiveness reviewed.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Review strategic documents.
  • Reviewed strategic documents
1.2 Define TM purpose.
  • Defined TM purpose
1.3 Assess current TM programs.

Module 2: Review the TM Framework

The Purpose

  • Record and evaluate the effectiveness of existing TM programs.
  • Identify which TM programs need to be modified or maintained.
  • Determine whether any TM programs need to be added.
  • Map critical milestones for current TM programs.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Effectiveness of TM programs assessed.
  • TM program modifications or maintenance determined.
  • Additional TM programs identified.
  • Initial list of critical milestones in existing TM programs drafted.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Assess current TM programs (cont.).
  • Assessed current TM programs
2.2 Determine whether to add any TM programs.
  • Listed modifications and additional TM programs
2.3 Map critical milestones in existing TM programs.

Module 3: Identify Linkages in the TM Framework

The Purpose

  • Map critical milestones for current TM programs (cont.).
  • Identify inputs and outputs for current TM programs.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Critical milestones charted.
  • TM program linkages reviewed.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Map critical milestones in existing programs (cont.).
  • Mapped current TM programs including key milestones, technology, inputs, and outputs.
3.2 Examine the inputs and outputs of programs.

Module 4: Prioritize TM Programs to Add or Modify

The Purpose

  • Identify missing or broken linkages between current TM programs.
  • Identify missing or broken linkages across HR.
  • Assess the effort of TM program changes.
  • Prioritize changes within each TM program.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Missing or broken linkages between TM programs identified.
  • Missing or broken linkages across HR found.
  • Effort of changes to TM programs estimated.
  • Changes within each TM program prioritized.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Assess for broken and missing linkages between and beyond TM programs.
  • Listed broken and missing linkages
4.2 Prioritize TM changes to address.
  • Assessed impact-effort of TM changes

Module 5: Create a Roadmap

The Purpose

  • Build a roadmap to address changes to the TM framework.
  • Develop a TM scorecard to track the success of the TM framework.
  • Create an annual TM calendar.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • TM scorecard and roadmap outlined.
  • TM framework success metrics determined.
  • Annual TM calendar produced.

Activities: Outputs:
5.1 Create a roadmap to address TM changes.
  • Mapped prioritized TM changes
5.2 Define metrics to track success (as time allows).
  • Drafted TM Framework Scorecard
5.3 Create annual TM calendar (as time allows).
  • Drafted annual TM calendar

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