Create a Talent Strategy

Focus HR resources where they will have the greatest organizational impact.

Onsite Workshop

Without a talent strategy, HR will not:

  • Benefit from cost savings and resource efficiency.
  • Deliver consistent value and evolve to match the changing business.
  • Build and develop HR capabilities.

By implementing a talent strategy, HR will:

  • Focus resources on key strategic initiatives.
  • Increase departmental performance.
  • Be able to adapt to future challenges.

Module 1: Identify Talent Implications of Organizational Direction

The Purpose

  • Create a targeted talent strategy.
  • Determine how the talent strategy will effect organizational talent.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Current state evaluated.
  • Talent implications realized.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Review strategic documentation
1.2 Conduct a SWOT analysis.
  • PESTLE and SWOT analyses
1.3 Debrief HR Stakeholder Management Survey
1.4 Prioritize talent implications
  • Talent implications

Module 2: Determine Strategic Pillars and HR Outcomes

The Purpose

  • Define the directional statements that will become the strategic pillars.
  • Determine how HR will accomplish the strategic pillars.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Strategic pillars defined.
  • HR outcomes described.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Create strategic pillars
  • Talent strategy strategic pillars
2.2 Identify metrics to support pillars.
2.3 Create HR outcomes.
  • Talent strategy HR outcomes

Module 3: Evaluate HR’s Ability to Achieve the Outcomes

The Purpose

  • Identify initiatives that will elevate the strategic contributions of your HR function.
  • Discover gaps in HR capacity to deliver HR outcomes.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • HR initiatives identified.
  • Gaps in capacity analyzed and areas of growth pinpointed.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Conduct a SWOT for HR
3.2 Identify gaps to deliver HR outcomes
  • Critical gaps between HR outcomes and current ability to deliver on them
3.3 Create initiatives and a timeline for implementation (as time permits)
  • Action plan
3.4 Review existing initiatives for alignment with new talent strategy (as time permits)
  • Alignment of existing initiatives identified

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