Create a Job Worth Hierarchy Based on Internal Worth

McLean & Company recommends this workshop for organizations employing the Point Factor method of job evaluation.

Onsite Workshop

Focusing solely on market pricing instead of using a job worth hierarchy will:

  • Hinder the organization’s ability to appropriately compensate those jobs that contribute more to the bottom line
  • Low internal equity among employees
  • Decrease morale and retention if employees feel their jobs are not valued appropriately

Implementing a job worth hierarchy within the organization will:

  • Ensure labor dollars are allocated based on a role’s value to the organization
  • Foster strong internal equity
  • Increase employees’ commitment to the organization

Module 1: Align Point Factor Tool With Organizational Strategy

The Purpose

Select and customize factors to align with organizational strategy.

Key Benefits Achieved

Strategically aligned point factor tool.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Determine key value criteria.
  • Key value criteria defined.
1.2 Select strategically aligned factors.
  • Strategically aligned factors selected.
1.3 Customize factor definitions and levels.
  • Factor definitions and levels are customized for the organization.

Module 2: Tailor the Point Factor Tool

The Purpose

  • Weigh the factors and allocate points across factor levels in order to customize the tool.
  • Test the tool for bias and accuracy.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Customized and tested point factor tool. Completed evaluation of identified job family(ies).

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Weigh the factors.
  • Factors are weighed based on importance.
2.2 Check for bias.
  • Factor weightings are checked for bias.
2.3 Allocate points to each level.
  • Points are allocated across levels.
2.4 Test the tailored point factor tool.
  • Customized point factor tool is tested for bias and accuracy.
2.5 Evaluate selected job family(ies).
  • Job evaluation completed for selected job family(ies).

Module 3: Plan for Tool Implementation and Maintenance

The Purpose

  • Ensure the point factor method is implemented and maintained effectively.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Transparency level determined for the job evaluation process.
  • Associated processes established (e.g. maintenance, job additions, appeals).
  • Action plan to continue the job evaluation process.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Determine the transparency level of the job evaluation process.
  • Transparency of the job evaluation process determined.
3.2 Establish a maintenance process.
  • Job evaluation maintenance process established.
3.3 Determine how to add new jobs to the hierarchy and an appeals process.
  • Process for appeals and for adding new jobs to the hierarchy determined.
3.4 Develop an action plan.
  • Action plan developed.

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