Transform the 9-Box Talent Assessment

Take the 9-box from a yearly tick-box exercise to a dynamic assessment that reveals hidden talent and boosts performance from every employee.

Onsite Workshop

Failure to transform the 9-box talent grid may result in:

  • Poor quality talent assessments.
  • Hindered employee potential and disparaged core talent.
  • Tick-box talent assessments with inaccurate talent predictors and identifyers.

Transforming the 9-box talent assessment results in:

  • Talent assessments anchored in organizational goals.
  • Improved talent assessment quality.
  • Open, honest, and collaborative talent assessments.
  • Successful movement of employees and accurate talent prediction and identification.

Module 1: Identify Talent Needs and Customize Your Talent Grid

The Purpose

  • Outline talent needs, strategic roles and the organizational talent philosophy.
  • Create a customized 9-box talent assessment anchored in organizational goals.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Strategic 9-box talent grid outlined
  • Project roles and methodology defined

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Identify strategic functional areas
  • Talent Management Outline Template
1.2 Assess talent and identify strategic roles.
  • Identified strategic talent roles
1.3 Craft your organizational philosophy.
  • Refined organizational talent philosophy
1.4 Evaluate alternative criteria.
  • 9-Box Talent Grid Assessment Tool
1.5 Brainstorm measurement and assessment methods.
  • Selected potential and performance measurement and assessment methods
1.6 Finalize talent grid labels and definitions.
  • 9-box talent grid is tailored to organizational requirements

Module 2: Pilot and Prepare Your Customized Grid

The Purpose

  • Pilot the 9-box talent grid.
  • Train managers on use of the 9-box talent grid.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Manager buy-in of new talent assessment process and enactment plan developed

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Define who the talent grid will be used to assess.
  • Determined employee assessment guidelines
2.2 Pilot the customized grid.
  • 9-box talent grid is piloted and assessed
2.3 Develop a communications strategy.
  • Talent assessment communications strategy is prepared
2.4 Customize your manager training deck.
  • 9-Box Manager Training Deck
2.5 Finalize the talent review and calibration meeting process.
  • Defined talent review meeting process

Module 3: Outline Talent Development Programs and Integrate Assessment

The Purpose

  • Launch the transformed 9-box talent assessment.
  • Assess the 9-box talent assessment performance.
  • Measure its success and areas for improvement.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Integration of a dynamic talent assessment process.
  • 9-box talent assessment reviewed and improvements made.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Incorporate talent grid results into your development and talent planning process.
  • Talent development and review process are tied to talent grid results
3.2 Brainstorm talent management integration.
  • Integrated talent management with key practice categories
3.3 Measure talent management success.
  • Talent management metrics are aligned with organizational goals
3.4 Plan next steps.
  • Confirmed project next steps

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