Build an Internship Program

Create high-quality internship experiences that work to create tangible business value.

Onsite Workshop

Not having an effective Internship Program leads to:

  • Time and money wasted on ineffective internship programs.
  • An incorrectly built program that falls flat and disengages full-time employees.

It is important to have an effective Internship Program because:

  • It is a low-cost initiative to bring in much needed skilled labor and increase the talent pipeline.

Module 1: Make the case

The Purpose

  • The success of your internship program hinges on the shared value it creates for the business, the interns, and the community.
  • Standardize and document Service Desk Supported Systems to better maintain the organization.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Go/no go decision.
  • Business goals for the internship program.
  • A clear and concise case for the program.
  • Reduction of response and resolution times for recurring service requests.
  • Creation of service request workflows.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Establish program goals.
  • A decision of whether the program is right for your organization.
1.2 Realize potential intern goals.
1.3 Establish success metrics.
1.4 Indicate program resources.

Module 2: Design an internship work-plan

The Purpose

  • A good internship program will ensure the assignment of a wide variety of challenging programs and tasks.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • An internship work-plan.
  • Relevant skills for recruiting internship candidates.
  • An analysis of compensation options.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 List potential projects.
2.2 Indicate intern responsibilities.
  • An internship work plan that identifies projects and responsibilities, learning outcomes, and work-relevant candidate skills.
2.3 State learning experiences.
2.4 State learning outcomes.

Module 3: Prepare and conduct interviews, and onboard interns effectively to integrate them into your team

The Purpose

  • Recruit interns in broadly the same way as regular employees to ensure the business value from the program.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Recruitment process and job description.
  • Interview plan.
  • Onboarding plan and survey.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 State work-related intern skills.
3.2 Realize specific intern goals.
3.3 Indicate learning outcomes.
3.4 Ask questions for onboarding survey.
  • Recruitment and onboarding of interns that work for your organization.

Module 4: Manage interns diligently to ensure the creation of shared value

The Purpose

  • Effective supervision and mentorship are the cornerstone of your internship program.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • An intern management plan.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Establish management plan.
  • Establishment of an effective management process.

Module 5: Transition effectively to assess the continued success of your internship program

The Purpose

  • Effective off-boarding begins with effective supervision during the second half of the internship.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • An intern exit survey.

Activities: Outputs:
5.1 Establish questions for the exit survey.
  • Recorded lessons learned to improve the success of the program.

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