Build a Change Sustainment Plan

Prevent your change from washing away by creating a plan to sustain the benefits of your change beyond go-live.

Onsite Workshop

Not planning for the sustainment of change often leads to:

  • Unrealized benefits of the change (e.g. efficiencies not gained, revenue not increased)
  • Change fatigue, disengagement, and low morale
  • Reduced investment in future projects

Including a sustainment plan in change projects helps you to:

  • Improve change adoption and usage.
  • Increase the likelihood of meeting or exceeding project objectives.
  • Finish projects under budget and ahead of schedule.

Module 1: Prioritize Actions for Sustainment and Identify Sustainment Components Needed

The Purpose

  • Establish goals and success measures.
  • Review the project/change plan.
  • Evaluate the use of sustainment components.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Evaluated current use of sustainment components.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Set sustainment targets/success criteria for change goals and metrics.
  • Sustainment targets/success criteria established for project
1.2 Prioritize the most impactful project/change actions to determine where to focus sustainment.
  • Project/change actions prioritized for sustainment
1.3 Identify obstacles to sustainment.
1.4 Determine if core sustainment components are in place.
1.5 Determine which supplementary components are needed.
  • Core and supplementary components identified

Module 2: Create Sustainment Plan

The Purpose

  • Create a plan for core and supplementary sustainment components for each prioritized project/change action.
  • Outline roles for sustainment actions.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Integrated sustainment components into the project/change plan.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Build plan for core sustainment components for prioritized actions.
  • Sustainment plan for all components
2.2 Build plan for chosen supplementary components for prioritized actions.
2.3 Create a RACI chart for sustainment plan implementation.
  • Completed RACI chart to identify owners and support of sustainment plan components

Module 3: Prepare for Sustainment Plan Implementation

The Purpose

Form a timeline and review process.

Key Benefits Achieved

Defined process to implement and monitor the sustainment plan.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Draft an implementation timeline.
  • Implementation timeline determined
3.2 Establish sustainment planning team meetings and review process.
  • Sustainment plan review process determined
3.3 Determine approach for gathering feedback on the sustainment plan.
  • Feedback approach confirmed

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