Uncover an Impactful Employee Value Proposition

Strategically highlight organizational strengths to create a compelling and realistic story to attract and retain the right talent.

Onsite Workshop

Failing to own your employee value proposition (EVP) can:

  • Make it difficult to stand out in the talent market.
  • Lead to decreased retention because the lived experience doesn’t align with the stated EVP.
  • Lead to unclear or inaccurate messaging.

An accurate and engaging EVP will help:

  • Create a better fit between candidates and the organization.
  • Differentiate the organization from competitors.
  • Support the overall talent management strategy.

Module 1: Build a Plan to Develop the EVP

The Purpose

Consolidate, analyze, and theme data from focus groups and existing internal data sources for the creation of the EVP.

Key Benefits Achieved

Employee voice and experience are integrated into the EVP.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Consolidate focus group feedback to identify insights.
  • Focus group notes consolidated into insights and categorized
1.2 Consolidate existing survey data to identify insights.
  • Insights from existing employee surveys categorized
1.3 Synthesize all gathered insights into themes.
  • Key themes identified

Module 2: Uncover the EVP

The Purpose

  • Draft the EVP statements.
  • Analyze competitors’ EVPs.
  • Present potential EVP statements.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • The EVP is evaluated to ensure it is differentiated from competitors and resonates with stakeholders.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Select key EVP themes.
2.2 Draft EVP statements.
  • Drafted EVP statements
2.3 Conduct a competitor analysis.
  • Identification of how to differentiate EVP from competitors
2.4 Present draft EVP statements to key stakeholders for feedback.
  • Feedback from key stakeholders

Module 3: Refine and Plan for Implementation of the EVP

The Purpose

  • Integrate employee and candidate feedback into the EVP.
  • Create a communications plan to share the EVP internally.
  • Prepare to transition the EVP into the employer brand.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Created a short “elevator pitch” of the EVP to launch internally.
  • Prepared Marketing is to promote the employer brand externally.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Update draft EVP statements based on key stakeholder feedback.
3.2 Develop the plan to segment and assess the EVP.
  • Action plan for road testing
3.3 Develop the internal communications plan.
  • Draft communication plan
3.4 Create a plan with Marketing to implement selected branding ideas.
  • Draft project plan to create EVP brand

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