Adapt Performance Management for Teams

Align the existing performance management framework with how employees work to boost the productivity, performance, and engagement of teams.

Onsite Workshop

Misaligned performance management leads to:

  • Misalignment between how work is carried out and how it’s managed.
  • A lack of incentives that reward team performance, collaboration, and trust.
  • Disengaged employees who do not understand their roles’ contribution to the organization.

Aligned team-based performance management drives:

  • Higher productivity compared to teams that only use individual objectives.
  • Reduced internal competition by providing team-based compensation and rewards.
  • Increased accountability and ownership over performance goals and organizational impact.

Module 1: Plan to optimize performance management for teams

The Purpose

  • Assess current PM practices.
  • Set goals and metrics for success.
  • Establish a team-based PM process.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Current PM practices evaluated
  • Goals and metrics determined
  • A team-based PM process formed

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Assess the existing PM framework, discuss team attributes, and identify challenges.
  • Current-state assessment
1.2 Define the organization’s PM goals and metrics.
  • Goals and metrics
1.3 Tailor the PM process for the entire organization.
1.4 Tailor the PM process for teams.
  • Tailored process for overall and team-based PM frameworks

Module 2: Adapt the performance management framework

The Purpose

  • Customize the PM building blocks for each eligible team

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Performance management building blocks modified

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Clarify the approach to goal management.
2.2 Identify and select competencies.
2.3 Determine proficiency levels for competencies.
2.4 Assess current feedback and coaching activities in the organization.
2.5 Determine whether crowdsourced feedback will be used across the organization or just for teams.
2.6 Determine if ratings will be used and develop a rating scale.
  • Customized PM building blocks

Module 3: Communicate and prepare for the team-based framework

The Purpose

  • Align HR programs with the team-based PM framework.
  • Outline accountabilities for HR, team leaders, team members, and reporting managers.
  • Obtain stakeholder buy-in.
  • Support the communication of the team-based framework.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • HR programs integrated
  • Accountabilities determined
  • Stakeholder buy-in acquired
  • Communication and action plan developed

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Plan for calibration meetings.
3.2 Evaluate the alignment of other HR practices with PM.
  • Aligned PM practices
3.3 Confirm accountabilities for key stakeholders.
  • Confirmed stakeholder accountabilities
3.4 Prepare to respond to pushback.
3.5 Develop an action and communication plan.
  • HR Action and Communication Plan

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