Engagement 3.0: Transitioning to Leader-Driven Engagement - Culture Blueprint

While traditional targets of employee engagement – retention and discretionary effort – are important, progressive companies focus engagement directly on business drivers such as agility, cost, quality, and revenue.

Streamline the Internal Hiring Process - Talent Acquisition Blueprint

Many organizations are experiencing hiring challenges due to a tight labor market and growing skills gap. Internal hiring can help increase hiring efficiency, lower hiring costs, and bring in talent that reaches productivity more quickly. Internal hiring also brings broader organizational...

Reconceptualize Job Descriptions - Total Rewards Blueprint

There’s a catch-22 surrounding job descriptions: they’re not used because they’re outdated, but they’re outdated because they’re not used. Evaluate how job descriptions can be used regularly (and not merely stored), then simplify the templates and process to accommodate multiple purposes,...

Design a Base Pay Structure - Total Rewards Blueprint

Compensation, specifically base pay, is usually the highest organizational cost, and a significant factor in employee attraction and retention. While few organizations lack any structure for base pay at all, many do not have a proper, equitable, consistent, and flexible approach.

Develop a Comprehensive Onboarding Plan - Learning & Development Blueprint

Only 37% of respondents and 30% of non-HR respondents rated their onboarding efforts as effective (McLean & Company, 2018 HR Trends Report; N=408). Our data shows that for every 10% increase in acclimation, performance management, and development effectiveness, new-hire engagement increases by...