McLean & Company training programs are designed with adult learning principles in mind, including peer-to-peer discovery, experiential learning, and real-world case studies.

Our training programs bring participants together to share their experience and develop critical skills.

We work with our members to find the best possible solution. Options include:

  • Client site delivery

  • Enterprise-wide rollouts

  • Public courses at McLean & Company's Toronto, Canada, office

Training Programs

DEI Foundations for Leaders

Equip managers to support the organization’s DEI journey by building an inclusive culture that leverages diversity and focuses on equity.

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Elevate HR

Enhance the skills of HR employees, develop leadership and strategic capabilities for the future, and build a professional network.

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Management Fundamentals

Boost performance through training that equips first-time managers with the basics of people management.

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Online Training

Bring remote learners together for interactive and engaging learning experiences with impactful results.

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