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Optimize the Performance of A, B, and C Players

Drive better performance with effective management techniques for every Player on your team.

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Your Challenge

  • Every organization wants the highest level of performance from its staff, but many managers do not know how to categorize their employees into A, B, and C Players in a way that augments performance.
  • Managers often have a difficult time managing a variety of different Player profiles concurrently.
  • Most managers desire to help their employees reach their potential and reduce turnover, but cannot determine why people become disgruntled or leave the organization.
  • Without tailoring your management style to different performance and personality profiles, you risk leaving potential talent on the table.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Not all A, B, and C Players are equal. Their performance, drive, personality, and potential are diverse. Each type of player needs specific treatment.
  • Most teams are not made up of all “A” Players. Managing teams of assorted letters properly is key to leveraging all levels of talent effectively.
  • If you think you don’t have “A” or “C” Players, you’re not looking hard enough. This means you’re missing crucial opportunities to connect with and manage talent appropriately.
  • Spend more time developing “A” and high potential “B” Players, rather than wasting your time on “C’s” that will never be strong contributors.

Impact and Result

  • Identify members of your own team as A, B, or C Players.
  • Effectively manage each direct report to improve and encourage high performance in a sustainable way.
  • Retain “A” Players, identify potential in “B” Players, and invest the right amount of time in “C” Players. 
  • Manage consistently low performing “C” Players out of the organization to avoid a negative impact on team morale.
  • Get beyond the myths associated with each Player to avoid missing potential talent.


Research & Tools

1. Manage Players according to their performance and personality profiles.

Develop your Players in the most effective and productive ways.

2. Identify individual team members according to McLean & Company's employee personas.

Learn the practical and tactical methods by which you can manage more effectively.

3. Use the Performance Improvement Plan to get your 'C' Players on the right track.

Ensure all your team members are successful contributors.

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