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Leverage the First 100 Days as a New Leader

Use self-paced training to succeed in a new leadership role.

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  • 10 in-depth interviews with HR leaders, line of business managers, and executives.
  • A nine-question survey to better understand the first 100 days of new leaders and what contributes to their short and long-term success. The survey attracted 59 respondents.

Your Challenge

  • Over 50% of new leaders fail to meet or exceed expectations within the first 18 months of their assignment because they fail to successfully leverage their first three months on the job (Watkins, M. The First 90 Days).
  • New leaders are burdened by high expectations for success based on achievements in previous roles, but they often do not have the right information to perform well in their new positions.
  • They often attempt to make drastic changes or a major immediate impact without fully understanding the corporate landscape, causing them to alienate their team and flounder with key stakeholders.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

New leaders must recognize that their new role is also a change for those in their sphere of influence.

They must build a plan to:

  • Leverage their spheres of influence to help develop their knowledge, make assessments, and gain long-term buy-in.
  • Assess their team, department, and organizational culture.
  • Build an initial, iterative business strategy within the first 100 days.

Impact and Result

  • Use McLean & Company’s self-paced training deck to support leaders in approaching the first 100 days on the job with a plan to position themselves for success. The plan will facilitate them in learning and integrating themselves into the organizational culture.

Research & Tools

1. Provide new leaders with self-paced training and resources

Help leaders make the most of their first 100 days with a focused, phased approach.

2. Evaluate the current state and develop a strategic plan

Gain feedback and buy-in for the strategy.

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Published: October 8, 2010
Last Revised: September 24, 2014