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Vendor Landscape Plus: Learning Management Systems

Don’t skimp on the LMS features you need, but skip the ones you don't.

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  • Managing learning and development (L&D) in complex learning environments requires more than a spreadsheet.
  • Tech-savvy employees are expecting greater interactivity in how learning is delivered; however, not all learning management systems support learning delivery methods like social collaborative learning and mobile learning.
  • Some industries have intense regulatory environments which require managing compliance and licensing requirements closely and accurately. Recertification dates aren’t the same for everyone.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Deploying a Learning Management System (LMS) requires a thorough analysis of the real business requirement. Organizations can easily become distracted by the new features, which they really won’t use. It’s critical to not get distracted and buy more system than the organization needs.
  • Determining user requirements means looking at the system from four user perspectives: the learner, the administrator, the L&D team, and the management team.
  • The LMS marketplace is quickly becoming segmented. Organizations have lots of choice, but need to be clear on the features they’re looking for.

Impact and Result

  • Choosing the right LMS for the organization can save time, money, and boost employee development.
  • Identify the features required by your users for successful LMS deployment.
  • Use McLean & Company’s Vendor Landscape to compare major LMS platforms and prepare a vendor shortlist, saving time and money in the selection process.
  • Use McLean & Company’s customized templates and demo scripts to prepare solid requirements for vendor finalists, and select the right LMS product.

Research & Tools

1. Determine if a LMS is appropriate, and narrow down a list of vendors

Create a strong list of vendor candidates.

2. Compare leading vendors and develop a shortlist

Narrow the leading vendors down to the most appropriate few.

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