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HR Trends Report 2023

Leading HR into the future of work.

  • HR’s role has become larger, more important, and more challenging than ever.
  • Organizations’ sense of urgency and focus on the long-term work required for diversity, equity, and inclusion is on the downturn, despite the impact of such work.
  • HR departments are grappling with digitization and curating the employee experience in a rapidly changing world.
  • Widespread skill gaps, particularly at the leadership level, are posing organizational challenges.

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Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • As HR’s strategic scope continues to expand, so do the demands on HR staff. HR has the opportunity to focus on increasing proficiency in technical competencies as well as exploring where to leverage expertise outside of HR in these areas.
  • As organizations continue to operate in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment, HR can improve outcomes by taking a proactive, long-term, and innovative approach to building skills within the workforce.
  • The benefits of HR digitization are clear, but successful digitization continues to be difficult, with more than half of respondents reporting significant challenges or barriers.
  • The most pressing skill gap to address in 2023 is that of first-time leaders, who lack critical leadership and strategic competencies needed to be successful in their new roles.

Impact and Result

  • Discover the five trends defining HR’s path in 2023: Re-Examining HR’s Role in 2023, Expanding the Employee Experience Conversation, Making Space for DEI, Charting the Course to HR Digitization, and The Struggle to Close Skill Gaps.
  • Understand where best to use limited resources by using the data and analysis from McLean & Company’s HR Trends Report 2023 to inform your HR strategic plan in areas like recruiting, learning and development, technology, and more.
  • Understand which HR practices and trends have the biggest impact on organizational performance, workforce productivity, HR effectiveness, and more.

HR Trends Report 2023 Research & Tools

1. Prepare for key trends shaping the future of HR in 2023

Inform HR strategic plans and prioritize best practices.

2. Compare with key trends from 2022

Evaluate year-over-year changes in priority, effectiveness, and impact on the organization.

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  • This report captured input from over 1,000 business professionals on their current people practices and performance.

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