Redesign Jobs for Improved Performance

Stay on top of job redesign using five steps.


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Your Challenge

  • Organizational change, such as consolidation, spillover, transformation, and reorganization is unavoidable in today’s business environment and must be actively managed. One way to do this is to ensure jobs are redesigned effectively.
  • Managing a job description often falls to the backburner; this causes managers to evaluate employees on undefined tasks and makes employees unclear about what is expected.
  • Managers and organizational decision-makers often do not know how to do an effective job redesign, which results in roles that are not over or under-loaded. This leads to disengaged and unsatisfied employees.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Successful job redesign aligns priorities, increases productivity and agility, and boosts employee engagement and retention.
  • Over 99% of McLean & Company survey respondents believe it is an essential management task, yet only 26% actually do it annually – the remainder avoid it because it's seen as tedious and time-consuming.
  • Most organizations tackle job redesign due to overloaded employees, increased demand, or the need to improve productivity. Regardless of the trigger, job redesign is an effort best shared by HR and department managers.

Impact and Result

  • McLean & Company's five-step job redesign framework and extensive examples help you create a useful job redesign repository that will save time and minimize future redesign efforts.
  • The research and tools in this solution set will help to:
    • Survey employees to find untapped opportunities and current issues.
    • Track task requirements and streamline clustering.
    • Consolidate information for accurate job review.
    • Assist with cluster assignment to individual jobs.
    • Facilitate succession planning.

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  1. Understand the meaning and importance of job redesign.

    Leverage this key employee management tool.

  2. Leverage tools, templates, and checklists.

    Appropriately inform, motivate, and evaluate every employee.

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