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High-Impact Leadership: Train Managers to Inspire Staff to Optimal Performance

Move beyond motivation to inspiration by personalizing vision, mission, and values.

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  • Melodie Barnett, Communication, Culture and Change Advocate, Pivot Communications, and Author
  • Michele Ferazzutti, IT Leader, McDonald’s Canada
  • Devin C. Hughes, Speaker, Coach, Author, and Chief Inspiration Officer.
  • Ugo Orsi, Vice President, Application Service Management, Loblaw Companies Limited.
  • Kenneth E. Russell, PhD, Organization & Enterprise Strategist & Leader of Intellectual Capital Transformation.
  • Robert Watson, President and CEO, SaskPower
  • While leadership training is the #1 priority for 2014, many organizations still struggle to get adequate funding for training initiatives.
  • 71% of respondents to a recent McLean & Company survey stated that they believe their current leadership development to be ineffective.
  • Many leaders don’t even know where to begin when it comes to inspiring their staff. They think being a great leader is something you’re “born with” and feel that being inspirational is beyond their reach. Others simply don’t know effective methods to transition beyond motivating their teams to inspiring them.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • While leadership training is the #1 priority for 2014 as per McLean & Company’s HR Trends & Priorities Survey, many organizations still struggle to get adequate funding for training initiatives.
  • Inspiration can be a nebulous topic. Use this training to show leaders how to ground their inspiration methods in the organizational vision, mission, and values to make inspiring staff more approachable, while engaging staff in their work. Train leaders how to recognize their staff’s personal vision, mission, and values to drive employees’ sense of value and motivation.

Impact and Result

  • After completing this training, leaders will:
    • Understand the meaning and importance of inspiration in the workplace.
    • Understand how to inspire their staff by using the organizational and employees’ personal vision, mission, and values.
    • Have insight into how others perceive their ability to inspire staff.
    • Have a formal plan to inspire their staff, as well as an individual development plan.

Research & Tools

1. Gain information on running a manager training session on inspiration

Get buy-in for the training from key stakeholders and ensure that the training runs smoothly.

2. Calculate a cost-benefit analysis for the training session

Understand the hard costs and benefits of running the leadership development program.

3. Gain awareness of your inspiration effectiveness, both pre and post training

Identify areas to work on, and if improvement occurred.

4. Train managers to inspire staff to optimal performance

Enable managers to develop methods for inspiring staff using the organizational vision, mission, and values.

5. Evaluate the training session

Determine what can be improved in future training sessions.

Guided Implementations

This guided implementation is a three call advisory process.

Call #1 - Make the case for high-impact leadership - inspiration training

We will review with you how to gain stakeholder buy-in for leadership training, the costs and benefits of internal vs. external training, and metrics to judge training success.

Call #2 - Prepare for inspiration training

We will discuss module selection, logistics, and content customization. Review the 360 tool, self-assessment, and the Inspire Staff to Optimal Performance training deck.

Call #3 - Evaluate training effectiveness

After you've run the training session and gathered evaluation feedback from all participants, we will review the training session results with you and suggest any training modifications.

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Module 1: Train Managers to Inspire Staff to Optimal Performance

The Purpose

  • Understand the importance of inspiration and the value of becoming effective at inspiring your staff.
  • Learn how to use organizational vision, mission, and values to inspire staff.
  • Learn how to identify and support your staff’s personal vision, mission, and values to further motivate them.
  • Use exercises to increase your confidence with inspiration methods and behaviors.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Learn how to inspire staff in concrete ways using McLean & Company’s inspiration framework. 
  • Create a win-win situation by:
    • Connecting employees with the organizational vision, mission, and values.
    • Incorporating employees’ personal goals and values into the work they do.
  • Garner buy-in and agreement.
  • Coach and mentor to high performance.




Connect with the organization’s vision, mission, and values

  • Thorough understanding of and connection with organizational vision, mission, and values in your role as a leader

Review your 360 inspiration feedback

  • Insights into how others perceive your influencing ability

Personalize the vision, mission, and values for your staff

  • Action plan to personalize the vision, mission, and values for staff

Development planning

  • Individual development plan