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High-Impact Leadership: Train Managers to Be High-Impact Leaders

Engage leaders in productive leadership training to impact business results.

  • There is concern about current and future leaders of the company having the awareness and capabilities required to deliver both business and people imperatives.
  • The lack of leadership skills in non-executive levels are leading to lower employee engagement, employee dissatisfaction, and lack of promotable management.
  • Leadership training has not delivered desirable results. Training has not been linked to talent and business strategy with robust measurement post-training to validate that leader behavior has changed as a result of the training.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • The lack of leadership skills in non-executive levels is leading to lower employee engagement and a weak leadership bench strength.
  • While leadership training is the number one priority, budgets are tight.
  • High-impact leadership training will drive measurable organizational success.
  • Many individuals have a natural leadership, but need training in leadership styles, influence, conflict, motivation, and decision making. A good leader is able to adapt to the needs of the team to lead in a way that will garner the greatest efficiency, effectiveness, and business results.

Impact and Result

  • Leadership training will enable managers to realize greater work group efficiency and effectiveness, as well as easily translate into improved business outcomes.
  • In-house training will help keep costs manageable.
  • Training will decrease the leadership skills gap and increase promotable resources.

Workshop: High-Impact Leadership: Train Managers to Be High-Impact Leaders

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Module 1: Implement High-Impact Leadership Training

The Purpose

  • Make the case for training managers on High-Impact Leadership.
  • Prepare to implement leadership training.
  • Deliver leadership training to managers.
  • Evaluate the success of the training.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Learn your dominant leadership style and how to modify it to suit various audiences.
  • Learn how to successfully influence those below, at, and above your organizational position.
  • Learn to effectively resolve conflicts with a thorough understanding of the individuals on your team, as well as the principles of team dynamics.
  • Learn to inspire your direct reports to high performance through self-management and coaching.
  • Learn to make timely and effective decisions that factor in external and internal factors.
  • Learn how to refine and validate your leadership brand. 




Learn the six leadership styles.

  • Learning leadership styles helps a leader deliver high- impact organizational and people results.

Learn the six influence tactics.

  • Leaders skilled at influencing affect others’ thinking, decisions, and behavior – and drive positive business results.

Learn the conflict resolution framework.

  • Being skilled in conflict resolution results in positive outcomes for the organization.

Connect with the organization’s vision, mission, and values.

  • Inspiration training gives leaders the power to connect employees with the organizational vision, mission, and values.

Determine common methods and techniques for establishing decision criteria.

  • Decision-making training boosts business benefits and helps managers develop a core competency.

Understand how to craft a leadership brand.

  • A strong organizational leadership brand positively affects an organization’s reputation by adding credibility and expertise.

Establish your learning evaluation plan for the training.

  • Documented success metrics and methods of evaluation.

Customize the training materials.

  • Customized training materials.

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Engage leaders in productive leadership training to impact business results.

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Guided Implementation #1 - Prepare to implement training
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  • Call #2 - Discuss module selection, logistics, and content customization. Review the 360 Tool and the high-impact leadership training decks.

Guided Implementation #2 - Follow up after training
  • Call #1 - Review training session results, as well as any suggested training modifications.


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  • Dr. Allan Cohen, Professor, Babson College
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  • Jim Dybevik, Director of Human Resources, Pokagon Band of Potawatomi
  • Michele Ferazzutti, IT Leader, McDonald’s Canada
  • Terry Gillen, Management Consultant, Trainer
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