McLean & Company can help your HR leadership team redesign your HR department and align it with the strategic needs of the organization.

During the HR Structure workshop, our analysts will work in partnership with you to:

  • Establish design principles for your HR department's structure that define exactly what it needs to deliver.
  • Prioritize HR's functional capabilities and define the department's delivery characteristics.
  • Create work units for each capability and identify related mandates and accountabilities.
  • Identify roles within each work unit (two levels below HR leader).

Additionally, McLean & Company can provide on-demand assistance with pre- and post-design work to ensure the new structure is designed and implemented successfully. This work is customizable to meet your needs but could include:

  • Reviewing your organizational strategy to create a clear picture of the organization's future direction.
  • Finalizing role creation by crafting detailed job descriptions, conducting job leveling, or defining job families.
  • Ensuring HR team members are set up for success by identifying functional HR competencies, creating career paths, or identifying development opportunities.
  • Identifying the optimal number of employees in each role and key gaps between your current HR workforce and its desired state.
  • Creating detailed phased implementation and change management plans.

This workshop will be conducted using Microsoft Teams over five (5) sessions of two (2) to four (4) hours each. Participants will also be required to complete approximately three (3) hours of offline work during the workshop.

Contact your account manager for information regarding online facilitated workshops.

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