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The M&A Workforce Planning Tool provides insight into the roles and headcount you will require through to the end of the M&A transition period and will assist you in the development of a departmental plan, outlining which staff from the acquired and acquiring organizations will fill each role.

The M&A Workforce Planning Tool has five tabs:

  1. The Data Entry tab provides you with a standard way to capture employee information which will be used throughout the rest of the tool.
  2. The Workforce Estimate tab provides an estimate of the FTE required through to the end of the M&A transition period as well as any projected surpluses or shortages based on current estimates of turnover, retirement, leaves, promotions or transfers, and new hires.
  3. The Departmental Review tab identifies new roles for employees from both the acquiring and acquired organizations who are earmarked for a specific department. The tool calculates whether the actual headcount at role level is over (surplus) or under (shortage) the estimated FTE.
  4. The Key Player Retention Plans tab documents monetary and non-monetary retention plans for key players.
  5. The Termination Plans tab documents termination packages and plans for employees for whom no new role was identified.

Use this tool in conjunction with the McLean & Company blueprint, Develop an HR Plan to Effectively Manage the Merger or Acquisition Process.

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Published: November 29, 2013
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