COVID-19 Daily Summary – March 22, 2020: Make Working From Home Work for You

Author(s): Carmi Levy

Keep the focus on you and yours

We hope you’re still in weekend mode. We’re already getting ready for the week ahead, and we have scheduled two webinars – part of our COVID-19 Webinar Series – to help you better lead remote teams:

If you’re an HR professional, register for this webinar to learn how to prepare your managers to effectively manage remote teams. We’ll review remote management strategies and facilitation-friendly materials you’ll want to share with managers and highlight relevant McLean & Company COVID-19 resources.

Register for Webinar

If you’re a manager, register to learn how to maximize team members’ engagement and performance as they shift to a remote work environment. We’ll cover the benefits and challenges of remote teams as well as expectation setting, performance management, and development within the remote team context.

Register for Webinar

Encourage your staff to keep our Work-From-Home Tips for Employees infographic front and center to help them maintain work/life balance for as long as they work remotely.

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