Nicole Landsiedel McLean & Co Analyst

Senior HR Consulting Analyst at McLean & Company

Nicole is a Senior HR Consulting Analyst with McLean & Company. She is passionate about conducting rigorously tested, high-quality research, and is dedicated to turning client-driven data into measurable results.

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Nicole is a Senior HR Consulting Analyst with McLean & Company’s HR Research and Advisory practice, with a focus in culture, employer brand, and talent assessment. She is dedicated to conducting high-quality, rigorously tested research and partnering with clients to leverage this research in their own organizations.

Prior to joining McLean & Company, Nicole worked at a marketing firm where she conducted product research, developed product proposals based on client needs, and launched new marketing projects as well as expanded on existing projects.

Nicole holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media Information and Technoculture from the University of Western Ontario as well as a Diploma in Multimedia Design and Production from Fanshawe College.



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