Project Coordinator, HR Diagnostics

About Hayden Reid

Hayden Reid is a Project Coordinator in the area of HR Diagnostics. He plays a key supporting role in the management and administration of McLean & Company’s diagnostic programs, primarily focusing on Employee Engagement, New Hire, and Exit products. Hayden works closely with HR professionals and manages projects from scoping to results delivery.

Prior to joining McLean & Company, Hayden worked as a Client Service Representative under Group Retirement Services at Canada Life Assurance Company. At Canada Life, he assisted with stocks and various income products and educated members about their investment options. He was also responsible for coaching new staff members to boost higher-impact contributions in pursuit of customer service goals.

Hayden earned his Honors BA degree in political science before finding his first role managing data-focused projects at LBMX. He thrives in busy, fast-paced environments where managing multiple projects and deadlines are the norm. He has a passion for finding innovative solutions to everyday business problems.