What Is Leadership Coaching?

One-on-one discussions that support your leaders to identify their career goals, develop leadership skills, and increase self-awareness. Our coaching products are great additions to our diagnostic and training programs.

Our Approach to Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a collaboration between thought partners in a provoking and creative process that inspires the person being coached to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Effective coaching helps bring fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhances decision making skills, increases confidence, and improves performance.

Benefits of Coaching

One-on-one discussions with a third party create a safe space for furthering self-awareness and discussing challenges.

Coaching sessions are scheduled at optimal intervals to provide enough time for reflection, learning, and taking action, but not so much time to lose momentum.

Coaching exercises bolster the experience and encourage leaders to take ownership of their development.

Goals of Leadership
Development Coaching

  • 01Leverage strengths and identify blind spots.
  • 02Build self-awareness.
  • 03Identify and clarify leadership goals.
  • 04Reach goals faster than if navigating them alone.
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Who Is Leadership Coaching for?

Leaders who are invested in their personal development, looking to develop in their career, and who are open to uncovering ways to become a better leader.

How it Works

This virtual coaching is offered for 10, 20, or 30 leaders. Each leader gets three 50-minute sessions over the course of about three months in the first year. Subsequent sessions can be purchased.

Coaching is available as an add-on to clients who do any of the following:

Leadership Coaching Program Schedule


  • Complete Survey
    or Training
  • Session 1 Two weeks after
    offering closes
  • Session 2 Four weeks after
    Session 1
  • Session 3 Four weeks after
    Session 2


  • Complete 2nd
    Survey or Training
  • Session 4 Two weeks after
    offering closes
  • Session 5 Four weeks after
    Session 4
  • Session 6 Four weeks after
    Session 5

*Each year is purchased separately.

Add Leadership Development Coaching to Your Completed McLean Survey or Training Program

Add coaching to
Add coaching to
360 Feedback
Designed for
  • High-potential employees
  • Experienced leaders
  • New managers
  • Leadership Development Coaching is tied directly to the 360 Feedback assessment results. Our trained coaches work one-on-one with your leaders in a confidential environment to accelerate their self-awareness and development.
  • Coaching takes place after the 360 Assessment is complete.
  • Includes coaching debrief of the 360 Assessment.
Add coaching to
Designed for
  • New managers
  • Management Fundamentals is a 10-week interactive program that combines live online group learning sessions with individual eLearning modules on 10 topics fundamental to people leadership.
  • Coaching can be added to the end of the program as a sustainment offering.
Add coaching to
Elevate HR
Designed for
  • HR professionals
  • The Elevate HR program is a four-month program designed to help HR professionals develop a strategic HR mindset. It is an interactive learning experience combining individual eLearning courses and a series of live online sessions with other HR professionals.
  • Coaching can be added to the end of the program as a sustainment offering.
Add coaching to
Designed for
  • All levels
  • Coaching leverages team engagement discussions from a recently completed organizational employee engagement survey. Our trained coaches work one-on-one with your leaders in a confidential environment to accelerate their confidence and self-awareness, and to identify actions to improve engagement in their team.
  • Coaching takes place after the Engagement Survey is complete.
  • Includes coaching debrief of the team leader’s Engagement Survey results.

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