Rewards & Recognition Survey

Avoid Disengagement and Lost Motivation

An employee’s engagement is directly impacted by their satisfaction with the organization’s rewards and recognition program – as satisfaction of rewards and recognition goes up, so does engagement. Many organizations know this, however, most programs are ineffective. McLean & Company’s Rewards & Recognition Survey helps identify both effective and ineffective rewards and recognition practices from the perspective of your employees.

Make it easier to assess:

  • Logistical factors - Are your R&R programs easy to use? Is the process user-friendly and timely?
  • Personal impact - Are they meaningful to staff? Do they make an impact on employees?
  • Selection process - Are programs objective and varied? Do employees believe the right people are getting recognized for the right reasons?
  • Scope - Is your organization rewarding and recognizing as many deserving people as possible with your current spend?

Common mistakes include a heavy focus on rewards over recognition, lack of proper alignment with goals and values, lack of customization to the individual, and poor timing and communication. Pulling these key levers will result in minimal work and maximum impact.

Find out:

  • The level to which your R&R programs garner positive results from staff.
  • If your R&R programs are meaningful to staff.
  • Whether your R&R programs are objective and varied enough.
  • If you are maximizing the reach of your R&R programs.

How to Make the Most of Your Results

  • Request the Rewards & Recognition survey.
  • Send the survey to employees you wish to solicit feedback from.
  • Request a custom report for your organization as a whole, or individual departments.
  • Discuss the analysis and opportunities for improvement with an analyst.
  • Use our research to make improvements in your organization based on the insight you've gained.

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